Should I buy this key charm for my new LV bag?

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  1. I have just bought my new beautiful LV Neverfull PM in fuchsia Epi leather. While trying it on in the store I also tried it with some bag charms on it. I bought a non-flashy bag without the big logos as I want it to be my everyday work bag and logos are a no-no. However, I wouldn't mind it to be a bit more flashy on weekends, hence the idea with the bag charm. It just makes the bag 'pop'. I kind of liked the Fleur d'Epi charm (pics below). The bag in itself was 1490$ and the bag charm would add another 475$. Would you do it?

    Also, would you expect the charm to get scratched easily/a lot? I don't want to spend all this money only to have a scratched up charm after wearing it for a month.

    The Fleur d'Epi charm is beautiful and nicely picks up the pink colour of the bag as well in one of the flowers.

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  2. I'm sure it would look pretty, but I have no idea, if the metal could scratch the Epi leather. What about a LV Bandeau? They have beautiful ones, they are much cheaper than the charm and you could use it as belt or little scarf, too.
  3. There was just a thread on if charms scratch. The conclusion was they don't harm the bag, but there was some metal on metal wear. I hope that helps!

    I like the charm, I think it was made to go with epi bags :smile:
  4. Personally, I would do it. The charm will last a while and it can be added to any bag. Not to mention how cute it would look with that bag. Epi leather is prety durable so I don't know if it would really damage your bag.
  5. I would buy it for my bag because I love bag charms.Do you have other bags that you could use this charm for? I try to buy charms that will look nice with at least two of my bags if not all However if you are finding the price tag a little hard to swallow, you could always go with a bandeau. A bandeau is also multifunctional.
  6. I really like that style charm with the Epi Neverfull.

  7. +1

  8. I thought the same and had the same idea! :smile: Although I didn't love the added price that came with adding the bag charm to my purchase, I thought that this would make the bag more fun and different at times, like on the weekends. So I did buy it and here it is!! (the picture I took at the boutique came out better for some reason!)
    What do you think?


  9. I have this charm with my epi bags and have not had any scratching. Also, I think the silver will wear better than the gold tone charms which do show scratching and the gold eventually wears off in places. I think it's beautiful and would add that fun touch to your bag!
  10. I love all and any charms, so YES!