should i buy this foresta bella?

  1. someone offered to sell me this foresta bella for 120, what are ur thoughts? is it worth it? i was never that interested in bellas because they cut up the print with the front zippers, but this kinda caught my eye. opinions please! :yes:
    bella1.jpg bella2.jpg bellabottom.jpg
  2. is it 120 shipped?? I think thats not a bad deal considering they are worth 130 retail and htf.. the front of it isnt that can at least see some characters like the pink chick, crab, turtle and koi... i like the back it has those monkeys! :biggrin: ...but really its up to you on whether you like those characters or not..:biggrin: let us know what you decide!
  3. ditto what vmasterz said! all the foresta bellas i've seen are in the 130-140 range on eBay.. there are a few characters i like on this one, but my dream one has sandy on the swing.. either on the side or back

    imo if you are worried about the bella chopping up the print, which is what i see most of the time & was lucky enough to get an inferno one that's not, i think you should hold on to your money and get a bv. :smile:
  4. I would! I love the brown and white monkeys riding on the snakes on the back...that is my favorite part of the foresta print :heart:
  5. I agree with vmasterz ... if it's 120 shipped then it's an awesome deal! I think this bella is very pretty ... i love the back and you don't have too many chopped up characters on the front.
  6. I say it's a great deal...for me it's not my placement but it's cute...and I'm a bella gal. Ya know for real, the front of the bag I never even look at cuz the back makes up for it plus i love how it fits on my arm but yeahh...idk...up to you if you want it hahhah.
  7. I say it's a good deal, too! Do it because they're so hard to find, and that's a good price :yes:
  8. i actually found BV i want, hahahaha! the seller is selling it for 190 tho since she got it out of the country, but i asked for 175. if any of u guys like the bella i put up i can tell the seller for u, just msg me or email me at
  9. oh and jessakamitz, do u use ur bellas with the back without the zippers facing outwards?
  10. I actually use the bag the way it's supposed to be used. I know alot of people said that they turn it around so they can show off their print...but honestly, my bag is for ME so I don't care if other people see it. I know it's there. LOL. Also, I use the top zipper for my cellphone and it hangs out so yeahh I couldn't turn it around anyway unless I want a phone poking my side hehe.
  11. googlygrape - I'm glad you ended up finding the BV you want!! :yes:
  12. jessaka- hahahahahaha yeah that's true, everyone always rags on my for loving tokidoki so much but i'm like "its MY hobby ok!" hahahaha.

    tokidokiangel- thanks! i am totally in love with it but im trying to pay as low as possible, hahahaha.
  13. What does the BV look like?? :graucho:
  14. congrats on your foresta bv :biggrin: hmm i know there was bv that had sandy + monkeys on top, back and bottom on it which had a BIN ..was that you? :graucho: