Should i buy this eternity ring ??

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  1. Hellooo ladies :smile::smile:

    I want an eternity ring , i found one that is 1.2mm full diamond .a small eternity very dainty but sparkle so much couldnt believe !!!!
    Dunno the carat ( i forgot) but e color vvs1 and excellent cut !!
    So sparkly lol
    Do u think i can stack it with my wed band ??
    Here is my wed band

    Should i buy it ?? :smile::smile:
  2. And sorry dont have a pic for the eternity but its just a classic one very similar to the attached pic :smile: and available 3 colors :smile:

  3. I think it would look great, I stack my WR and eternity band a lot when I want a more casual look than wearing my diamond ER.
  4. Yes get it!! Are you getting a Tiffany's ring or from your local jeweler? :smile:
  5. No from local jeweler ! Hes so nice btw he offers me facility payment and i have 1 m to return it if i dont want it !!!
  6. Can u post pic ?? Would love to see :smile: i never saw somebody wear this combo :smile:
  7. i think it will look beautiful! i used to stack a thin eternity band with my tiffany notes "i love you" band and loved the way it looked.
  8. Oh yes, then you should get it :smile: probably better pricing then Tiffanys as well hehehe!
  9. Ahhhhhhh i ll get it then !!
    Yes yes better pricing !!!
    Lolol of courseeeeee
  10. But wish u post pics i want to be sure !!
  11. Yes get the eternity! Or get two! Here's some pics for you.
    image-613018603.png image-899701329.png image-4208655743.png image-446219650.png
  12. Wow, your rings look gorgeous!! :smile:
  13. Thank you sweetie! They're to clean them now ;)
  14. Haven't noticed that... they look sooo sparkly! I also love your Love ring!
  15. Woooww lol
    I love the look yes definetly will go for it
    The one i saw was 1.2 mm or 1 mm urs is the same ?? Seems bigger :smile::smile:
    Loveee the loveeee ring hehehe
    Am planning to get one eternity
    One plain gold
    And one 1 diamond wg

    Want to stack them all together