Should I Buy This Cruise Bag?

  1. its high in price....2750.....Im loving the pics but havent seen it IRL..Anyone seen it?OPINIONS??THANKS!!!!!
  2. PS-I just got this pic of shoes from my Chanel SA ..I am soo getting these shoes..arent they ADORABLE!!!!!??[​IMG]
  3. Those shoes are really cute, and I love the color and hardware.

    I haven't seen the bag yet in person, I am honestly on the fence with it. The criss-crosses in the bag reminds me of bamboo sticks. However, it may be totally gorgeous in person.
  4. I love it!!!!! Buy it !!!! egc!!!!!!!
  5. O:huh:h... thats the bag my mom came home with last week (my sis & her went Black Friday shopping... w/o ME!!!) ... It's gorgeous!! I wanted to post pictures up.... but I had no clue what name or make it was. It's really soft IRL.. and a good large size for a flatter bag. I say go for it!
  6. Aahh.. what the hec'.. good thing my dh didn't delete the photos from his iphone. Not the best pictures.. but heres the inside.


    It looks bigger than the pictures.. probably comparable to the size of a Jumbo left to right.
  7. OMG!Thanks so much!!!any modelin pics?LMAO!
  8. love ittt!!!
  9. Hahah.. nope.. I was only there briefly for Thanksgiving & day after ... ;)

    Glad that these picture came into good use though... my DH was like "But, this isn't even your bag?... and I said.. "But the girls on tpf might get some good use outta it." :idea:
  10. I really appreciate u posting them!Im going to the store tomorrow to look at it.....if I ship it home Ill pay NO TAX,but I really wanna see it IRL.
  11. I tried on that bag at the Saks store in NYC. It's very light and I like the size :tup:
  12. What is that hardware on the toe part of the sandals? I am loving those. The bag is really cute,too.:yes:
  13. oh i love those sandals!!
    and the bag... GO FOR HER!!!
  14. I saw this bag and the smaller flap. I liked this size and the sort of unusual shape and thought the smaller flap was too small for me. It's a little like a refined version of the Hidden Chain bags. A couple of women who were looking at it after I did were not liking it because it's relatively flat, and they thought it was too big. If you like a bag with more of a gusset, or more depth, that might be it's flaw.
  15. It looks so much nicer in oogiewoogie's picture. I really like it!