Should I buy this Chanel Pearl Necklace?


Should I buy it?

  1. Yes, this necklace is gorgeous, but only get one. Two is too much.

  2. Yes, buy it, it's gorgeous, and buy two and link them.

  3. Don't get it, it's too pricy for fake pearls.

  4. Don't get it, there are better Chanel necklaces.

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  1. Hey, I am contemplating getting one or two of these necklaces (and linking them to do a triple drape) but each necklace is about $1,210.00 I think, and I am not sure if this is the dream Chanel necklace I have been waiting for. I would be spending like $2,500.00 for both. What do you think?
    Chanel Necklace 1.JPG Chanel Necklace 2.JPG Chanel Necklace 3.JPG Chanel Necklace 4.JPG Chanel Necklace 6.JPG
  2. If you are not sure that these are your dream necklaces, then I would search for the ones that you will fall in love with at first sight. $1200 is pretty much money to spend when you are doubtful.
  3. Don't get it as it's not worth to buy chanel necklace for such price, If u really have to get it, then jus buy one coz i think two is way too pricey IMO.
  4. ITA. It's not your dream necklace, then you should hold out for the one you really want. It will turn up eventually:tup: I bought a classic chanel pearl necklace because I really thought I would love it. I haven't worn it once and it's been 3 months since I bought it. :shrugs:
  5. Dont rush, is my .02. When in doubt, don't. :smile:
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    Fabulous but can't justify it:nogood:
  7. They are beautiful, could you buy one (if you really do love it) and see how you get on with it, and if you do find that it is love, you could maybe get another at a later date. It does look really nice :smile:
  8. Chanel has some necklaces that you just can't deny yourself. You'll know when you come across one b/c you won't need a poll to validate your conviction. (Whether they be for or against.) Wait.
  9. Gorgeous, I would, but just get one! I love that necklace!
  10. I personally wouldn't pay that much even for one - although it is pretty, that money could go to something else you really love.
  11. they are really beautiful...but 1200 is a LOT of money...for vcostume jewelry lol
  12. def. no for me....
  13. i say yah for agree with what someone mentioned earlier...make sure you are gonna get some use out of it. I am still tryin to justify buyin a chanel pearl necklace...i don't believe it being fake pearls is what is hindering me...but the cost.
  14. never settle. if it wasnt your first choice then dont get it.

  15. I agree!