Should I buy this Chanel on Bluefly?

  1. I don't currently own any Chanels....and I would love a classic flap but I'm waiting until I graduate/get into my top choice pharm school to get it as a reward for myself since it' would be a huge splurge for me. Meanwhile, while looking on Bluefly I thought this was cuteΝ=Product+ID
    It would be around 676 after 15% off. Should I get it or should I save that ~$680 for the classic? (Keep in mind I am a college student who plans on paying for four more years of pharmacy school :shame:smile:

    Thanks for the help!! :smile:
  2. Save the money for a classic bag that wont go out of style..this bag seems too the outlet has them LOL
  3. lv1011, outlet? what outlet?
  4. ^sonyaphi, there is a chanel outlet at woodbury commons in new york. that's the only one i know of; maybe there's another?
  5. :crybaby: Oh, DARN!!
  6. woodbury....that was a few weeks ago though and NO they dont ship.
  7. is there an outlet in las vegas?