Should I buy this boy bag?

Should I buy this beauty???

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Oct 17, 2018
Hello ladies!
I’m considering to buy this boy bag. What do you think? Do you like it??

I’m not sure to buy it because I usually have a very classic style and my little collection of Chanel bags does not contains crazy colors! But now I saw this beauty and I felt in love!

Do you think it would be crazy to buy something like this, considering my usual style??? And also considering that all my Chanel bags are in caviar because I hate scratches and this one is in lambskin??

I always ask to my SA for something different (so black, rainbow hardware, iridescent colors...) but it seems like when I ask everything is sold out and I don’t know why she never tried to find them in the other boutiques in my country :sad: now I found this bag abroad, I’m afraid I will never find something similar but I’m also afraid to be too impulsive and buy a bag that it’s not easy to resell..

Since I’m now abroad, I am also trying to discover the price tag of this bag in my country (Italy) and the availibility since I think it’s part of old collection, my SA promised me to let me know but she seems to be disappeared :confused1:

Thank you for all you suggestions!

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