Should I buy this bag?

Apr 6, 2016
I know some people think The selma bag is out of style but,I have a situation,I've been drooling over this Black Medium gold stud selma for a good 6 months now,I love how edgy it looks,but I have another Medium gold stud selma Blossom, that I use a lot & is probably my favorite bag in my collection. I have 6 MK bags but in different styles. I'm afraid if I buy this I won't ever use the pink one again. Do any of you have more than 1 bag in different colors? How do you rotate & get the best use out of them?


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Nov 1, 2014
I have a few bags of the same style but in different colors. I have 4 collection bags(2 Miranda & 2 Lexi) in different colors & 7 Selma of different colors in my collection of 20+ MK bags. My Selma are 1 grommet (black), 1 studded (Malachite), 1 classic Croc Embossed (grey), & 4 classic style in Navy, Aquamarine, Sapphire, &Dark Dune. If I find a large Selma in Coffee, I'll add that one to the family. All my Selma are large because that's the size that functions best for me. I also have 3 Hamilton...2 large in Black & Dark Dune & 1 medium in Aqua. I rotate all my bags & rarely carry the same one for more than a week. I just rotated out of my Luggage Lexi into my Aquamarine Selma. I like the clean, classic lines of the Selma & think it's a style that will always be around, regardless of whatever current tend is popular. If you really love the bag, buy it & wear it proudly. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. What's important is how you feel about the bag.
Aug 22, 2014
Go for it, buy Black Selma! So different from Blossom!
I have 3 medium Selma's in Black with Silver Studs, Dark Dune and Blush. I'm just the same as you, LOVE my studded black Selma for how edgy it is. I have literally just worn it the entire winter.
Also love Blush Selma for the summer months. I'm not sure where you are, but I'm in the UK so we have distinct winter and summer seasons. I also love Dark Dune for spring and fall (autumn). So I guess i use my Selma's by season.


Apr 5, 2014
If you love something, it is never out of style. It's part of your fashion personality. You obviously love the Selma shape and function so I think you should feel good about going for the black w gold studs version. Yes you will use your blossom less, but you shouldn't have to deny yourself a bag that will work better for you. I believe you will find plenty of occasions where you want to swap back to the blossom. And that will make the blossom feel more special too!


Jan 14, 2011
Get it! The Selma is a classic style. I own 6 large ones in different colors (malachite, sapphire, luggage, dark dune, coffee, heather grey). I rotate the colors by season. Malachite, heather grey, and coffee mostly in the fall/winter months. Luggage mostly in the spring/summer months since I have so many others that function well in the fall/winter. Dark dune year-round since it's a neutral taupe. And sapphire is outfit-dependent, but I mostly wear it with black and white.

I also own 2 MKC large Miranda totes (black w/shw & tri-color suntan/shell/ivory), 2 large Hamilton totes (black w/shw & dark dune), 1 large Sutton (tri-color luggage/white/navy), 1 reversible n/s Izzy tote (dark dune/black), 1 MKC Sedona messenger (luggage/coffee), and 2 Berkley clutches (gunmetal & calf-hair leopard print). As you can see, I love MK, own several bags in multiple colors, and I do use all of my bags. I seem to have something for every occasion.

business tote = Hamiltons
dressy soft leather tote = Mirandas
every day satchel = Selmas
summer satchel (based on colors) = Sutton
evening clutch = Berkleys
messenger = Sedona
book/shoe/lunch tote = Izzy

If you love the medium black studded Selma, get it! I don't think you'll regret the purchase.
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May 1, 2017
I'm a little late, but if you're still undecided i'd say go for it! Those studs make a statement but its still relatively easy to pull off!


Aug 9, 2016
I now have 6 Selmas and love them all. I will continue to buy all the colors I want. Don't care if it's old or out of style. It's such a perfect bag! If you love it get it!