Should I buy this bag?

  1. Hello everyone
    I have NEVER bought or sold on eBay because I'm a scaredy cat, but I saw this bag and it looks pretty good. I searched for mypoupette sellers only but I am still nervous about the whole thing.... What do you guys think? Should I go for it or am I better off spending the money and buying at a store? Here is the link below.
  2. I'd say if the bag costs that much, you should spring a little extra to get a beautiful new LV that no one's touched yet!
  3. You could post the link on the Authenticate This section. If it is determined authentic, you can always place a best offer amount and you might get a good deal on it!
  4. That is a reputable seller of LV, but for a Coussin in that condition the price is pretty high. I got mine for lower than that and it was in better condition than this.
  5. She is an authentic seller, but I'd spend just a little more to get a new one!
  6. What would you suggesst that I offer?
  7. I would not pay that much for that bag
  8. Her prices are on the high side but her stuff is authentic. I made a "best offer" on something once & was declined so I don't think she's inclined to take lower offers.
    I ended up getting what I wanted from someone else for a much lower price than what I offered this seller anyway so it worked out!
    Think everyone here is right- go get a new one for a bit more.