should I buy this bag? opinions please!

  1. I saw this twice and love the style. What do you think? Price is $225 Canadian...
    It's the salmon color of the first photo, but the shape of the larger red one in the second photo.
    The color is on under handbags for the current 07 collection, but the shape is only posted under the previos collection.
    salmonpink.jpg shape.jpg
  2. The shape is very unique and the leather looks very supple- not 100% sold on the color though.
  3. They have it in salmon, taupe, brown, and black.
  4. more opinions please :smile:
  5. I think it's a lovely style. The color is also fairly neutral and will go with many outfits.
  6. I like it
  7. The colour is fab, but it's the shape that's not doing it for me.
  8. The elastic in the middle can be adjusted to make it bigger and it is different. I really like it, I just don't want to regret it because I can't return it!
  9. I always want to help out with these kinds of threads but all your'e going to get is my personal opinion. these days, a bag has to completely knock me out for me to give it the :yes: . these don't knock me out.But thats just my taste. If I knew you personally it would be easier to make that call. My friends don't all have my taste but I can be objective when they ask my opinion cause I know their personalities and style. So, my honest opinion, nice color, practical bag but how does it make you feel?

    the windbag.
  10. It is interesting that you can adjust the elastic.......that might change my is an interesting bag.....
  11. It has adjustable straps near the buckles to open the sides a but more. Also on the shoulder straps. Kind of like adjusting a bra :smile:
  12. I think it's pretty, but perhaps if you explained what you want to use the bag for, what kind of outfits, etc. you would get more opinions.

    I'm so glad to learn of that brand. I loved the web site. But are the lyrics what I think they are -- shake it b--ch?
  13. I didn't even hear that! I have the sound off!:smile: Well, I wanted a pale pink shoulder bag for spring/summer to wear every day with casual outfits. I like the color because I think it's girly. The leather is soft. And the brand is really good quality. It would be for work and for weekends.
  14. yes! I love the white one!
  15. i love it!