Should I buy this bag: Hermes Birkin Red Cocodrile'

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  1. Hi, I´ve been offered a second chance for this Hermes Birkin Cocodrile bag (item 220151995105) and I wonder if it´s authentic or fake. Can you help me? Thanks
  2. Please ask in the Hermes shopping subforum. There is an authentication thread.
  3. I think it is important for you figure out the real reason why the seller is offering you the second chance.
  4. and I think you don't get an authentic croc Birkin for 3000$ ..... screams SCAM to me :nogood:
  5. avoid!!!! save your money!!!!! smells very fishy!!!!!! how do you know the person that offered the second chance has the bag?:tdown::tdown:
  6. Check to see if you received a duplicate message in your eBay email on their website. If not, it's a scam.
  7. how much do these retail at?
  8. How could you receive a second chance offer on a BIN item? Did you bid on that or a similar one?
  9. weird...I think those bags retail for 20K +
  10. yeah, i had a look on eBay, there are some at $49000 ish
  11. You should podt this in the authentication thread but this has to be a fake no one in their right mind will sell a 30k birkin for less than 4k
  12. Oy.

    If you seriously need to ask, you should consider doing a LOT MORE research on what exactly the authentic item sells for, is worth, and what it entails to make one of these bags.

    Honestly. I wouldn't sell a regular non-exotic Birkin for three grand, let alone a croc that's worth easily ten times more. I don't even have to look at that listing to tell you it's a total fake.
  13. that's not very friendly:sad:
    not everyone is obsessive or even realizes there's such a huge counterfeit market.
    Let's try and encourage each other.
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