Should I buy this bag? Help me decide!

  1. Hi gals

    I was at Last Call today and I fell in love with this bag but I put it on hold til tomorrow:
    (taken from a google search)
    I was hesitant to buy it because there are two small red ink stains on the bottom and a very tiny blue one on the front flap that I'm wondering how to remove.

    Anyway, the bag retails for $1400 and it is on sale for $550. Naturally the deal lover in me wants to take the bag home. I love the color and the style. The leather is slouchy and soft, I love the patent leather trim and I LOVE the purple suede lining inside. Sigh. What should I do? I have until tomorrow to decide...

    Pink is my favorite color (although the tag says it's lavender) but I am not sure what outfit colors to pair this bag with...

    Also, the side panels of the bag are suede and I'm not sure how I can clean them?

    The model # is C352088. I tried googling it but i could only come up with non-english old is this style? I remember coming by a thread that explained how to translate the model #...

    Help me :confused1:
  2. A friend of mine just bought this bag in a blue color (cant remember the name, shame on me!!) Anyways, it's a really pretty, and good sized bag..
  3. Hey ichelle!

    I have the small version of this bag and I love it. For some reason, I feel like the leather and suede lining is better on this one than some of my other MJ bags. Major soft & smooshy!

    Several months ago one of the MJ stores in NY had a sale on select colors of Selmas and Selma Totes. If I remember correctly, they sold Lavender, Teal and Taupe. The price tag was only $200. I so wish I could have gotten a Teal Selma Tote as well but the bags went pretty fast.

    Anyway, I can tell you that I highly recommend the bag. I've actually worn it with a navy outfit I have. It gives the outfit a great pop of color. I've also worn it with some shades of pink.

    The suede panels have yet to show any kind of dirt or wear/tear so I really wouldn't worry about them too much.

    As for the style number, I copied and pasted the explanation bag.lover once posted. Our Selmas are from Fall 2005.

    C --> C for Collections (Marc Jacobs), M for Marc (Marc by Marc Jacobs)
    3 --> 3 for Bags
    6 --> YEAR (last number in 200x)
    3 --> SEASON (1-Spring, 2-Fall, 3-Resort)
    x --> STYLE NUMBER (unique) - last 3 numbers
    x --> ^^ style number is the same for items in different colors
    x --> ^^
  4. ahh thank you so much for that helpful info :smile: yes, it is so smooshy soft! i love it. only thing that's making me sad are the pen marks :sad: i heard alcohol or hairspray or even mr. clean magic eraser might work but i'm still scared...
  5. ^^Woo hoo! Yay for coupons! :tup:

    Hopefully someone else will know more about the pen marks. Can't wait to hear from you again tomorrow!
  6. :smile: thank you. btw, do you happen to have a pic of your small selma? i'm just curious to see how much smaller it is :smile:
  7. you're so helpful, thank you. i just :heart: your collection. i think your selma is the size of the one i put on hold...i didn't realize there is a large and small version. regardless, it looks like we will be lavender selma twins tomorrow :smile:
  8. The Selma is a great bag - one of the first styles which really made me fall in love with MJ bags after I saw it carried by somebody. I have a small one in pecan (tan) leather. It's a good size, the only thing which bothers me about it is sometimes the lobster claw clasps are annoying to deal with, especially on the smaller pockets. But if you love the style and color, it's worth it...especially with the extra 30% off! It's a beautiful color.
  9. That's a really nice color and great price (especially if you get an additional 30% off). But that really sucks about the pen marks. Hopefully there's a way to get it off. I heard hairspray or cologne/perfume works to remove pen marks off leather - but I haven't tried it, so don't take my word for it.
  10. Personally, I would wait and find one on eBay. These pop up quite frequently and several are NWT for much less than Off 5th's sale price.
  11. I agree with Melly. I have seen many on eBay that are quite less than what you are going to pay.
  12. here are the ones that came up on eBay today:

    the one i'm intending to buy is $550 + 30% off = $385. still a good deal?

    thithi gave advice on the pen mark.
    that's the only thing that is making me stay away...i'm not sure if they are new marks or have been there for a while =\