Should I buy these pumps???

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  1. I just found my Neiman Marcus Christmas booklet~
    I remember getting it in the mail, but didn't look in it until NOW. Hahaha and I found these~

    I actually wanted these in a different color~
    So I called the Chanel NM in Boston (I live in Connecticut) and they said they dont have those shoes~ and when they DID have them, they only had them in black~ ARGG!! why??

    So does this mean that they dont have these shoes?
    That's weird cause it's in the Christmas book! *confused.
    Either way, I can just call up another Chanel NM ...

    Anyhow, do you guys think I should buy these?
    I just bought a pair of black patent pumps with thin gold heels (from Victorias secret) and i dont like buying things that look similar to things I already have--- =P

    They're $650 -- Worth it??
  2. It's worth it if you really like them. It seems clear that metallics will be around at least for another year.
  3. I really like them- but I REALLY wanted them in a different color~

    and 'in' or not in~ doesn't really matter to me. i wear anything i like, kekeke :x
  4. If you think you really like them go for it. How does the elastic trim look on the foot in IRL?:confused1:
  5. I think you should wait until you find what you wanted at the first place!Moreover since you've recently got another pair in black!Maybe they're going to bring in more stock for Xms,or you can search for them in another store(if possible?)!:yes:Good luck!:smile:
  6. its pretty shoes.... it also comes in silver/black.. friend of mine just bought one last nite...
  7. SILVER BLACK??????

    is the gold part silver???
  8. I think they are stunning and at a good price for Chanel! Wondering how comfortable they are?
  9. yes. actually all around is silver. only the tip and the back of the shoes is black..
  10. how much are these there gorgeous?
  11. Anyone know the Neimans catalog code for the silver/black?
  12. i'll say get it but maybe the silver one?! *not a fan of gold myself*
  13. I would rather buy a bag first as you can get lots of very sexy shoes for that price
  14. I think the pumps are so pretty, buy them!

    Does anyone know how much are these shoes in flats? Also, what is the name of the bag in the photo?
  15. Ijust bought these shoes, black on black, I love them, so comfortable, they are called spirit pumps, I wasnt a fan of the silver or gold irl. Well I needed them for work , but for going out I think the silver was hot, NM KOp had plenty of both, gl.