Should I buy these legacy bags on ebay? Good Deals? Pls help?

  1. Hi Everyone, I decided to purchase a few more pieces from the 2006 egacy line instead of purchasing any from the new coach line. I am just in love with the 2006 legacy. I bought two shoulder bags in pond and black a few days ago from eBay for about $300 (including shipping). I really love the natural color but can't seem to find a shoulder or mandy in that color. eBay has a satchel in natural for $565. As I kept searching for legacy pieces, I saw there is a pond satchel for $568 and a ROSE shoulder for $469? Are any of these prices good deals? I know the Rose is overpriced but I have been wanting a Rose shoulder so badly and can't find it anywhere! Should I buy it??
    Need a little help deciding. Thanks!
  2. Hmmm...I got my whiskey Mandy on eBay a couple of months ago for a BIN of $469, so I think that Mandy is high...but then again...considering the original price and that there are hardly ever Natural Mandy's on Ebay, you might want to scoop it up.

    I'll be interested to see what others think...

    BTW...I totally agree with you, I love the '06 Legacy line much more than the '07, with the exception of the Leigh, Lily and Gigi from the new line. I :heart: those bags!!!
  3. I got a black Mandy for $399BIN. That was a steal! I've seen a few, but not many natural/whiskey colors. BUT, a Rose shoulder for over $400?! WAY Too much IMHO. These retailed for $398, and were outlet priced at about $170 (might have even been less). I guess if you MUST have it, grab it, but I would also hang tight and wait until Oct/Nov when there are likely to be more postings and more selection in general.

    Ebay is very slow right now and I haven't seen much new/good stuff come up. I'd bet that there'll be much more selection when the holidays approach.
  4. I agree yvalenz. I'd wait. Things pop up unexpectedly for great prices. Watch the thread in shopping that has ebay deals and save searches on ebay to help you snag what you're after. Patience is hard but it pays off. People will sell off slightly older bags too to make room for the new winter collection so you might find something at a great price! Good luck! And I agree, the 2006 Legacy is gorgeous!
  5. I just bought an 06 Legacy shoulder bag off of ebay this week as well! I paid $ with shipping it was under $300. I definitely would not pay over $400 for one on ebay. I would wait it out. I'm sure another will appear sooner or later. :yes:
  6. That is a good price for the Mandy on ebay especially for the natural. I purchased the Whiskey and the White. They were both 499.00. You can't find the "Natural" anywhere. The website rents the Mandy for 115.00 a month for the Natural but they can never keep the Natural in stock.
    You should grab it!