Should I buy these Christian Louboutin spike shoes?

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  1. If I could afford them, I'd buy them in a heartbeat!
  2. My sentiment. It's a beautiful shoe, but YOU have to be the one to decide if they are worth it. I determine shoes that I get usually as a cost per wear. Would you get a lot of wear out of them?
  3. They are beautiful alot of celebreties have them I find them to be not so practicle but for social events they are perfect

    Id say get them if you really want them
  4. Do you love them? That's all that matters.
  5. very fierce shoes, but with a bow...kind of an oxymoron. very funny mr. louboutin.
  6. I LOOOOOVVVEEE them. If I could, I would.
  7. Honestly? No. They are not comfortable, nor are they easy to walk in as the heel is 150mm and this is a slingback... No support really.

    Are they worth the cost? Well, no one can answer that but you.

    If you're a true US 7, you should get these in a 37.5 to 38.
  8. They are not uncomfortable, although I believe if they are a 37, and you are a size 7 american, they are definitely way too small for you.
  9. I love CN, LOVE! Totally fierce! However, I'm afraid to buy spikey shoes after I lost 2 of the spikes on my Louis . . .:sad:
  10. You know, I haven't had this issue with my Studded VPs nor my Noeuds. Give em a try. :graucho:

    OP, these are sold out, FYI.
  11. I'd really like to . . .:thinking: I feel like I need more spikes in my life!:graucho:
  12. OP, I hope you got them!! I love the Clou Noueds. They look totally fierce paired with a sleek HL dress..I think Kim Kardashian did this look.
  13. I am a 35.5 and I got these in a 36.5 - the elastic slingback still keeps them fairly snug, athough the height does give me an occasional case of the "wobbles!" The hardest part is trying to keep the nude calf leather as spotless as possible. On a spikey note, My Hercules are the worst of my two spiked shoes because they have spikes on the sides of the heels - I have definitley cut my feet and drawn blood while wearing those!