should i buy them now?

  1. i am in need of colors in my collection. so i am thinking that i should get a pink and a purple BV. however, these are seasonal colors. my questions are:
    1. what are the chances that these will end up in the outlets.
    2. should i buy them now or wait until they the outlet.

    I dont like to pay full price knowing that there is a chance it goes to the outlet :s

    what should i do?
  2. My SA said that most bright colored bags end up on sale ... the classic styles in dark brown, hazelnut and black never go on sale.
  3. ^^I've heard that too. I passed on an orange BV tote a few years ago and have been kicking myself ever since...
  4. Are Bottega colors introduced once or twice a year?
  5. i know this... and thats why i am hesitating buying the bags now.

    do you girls think the dark pink and dark purple are in low demands and will end up on sale or in the outlets?
  6. Something will end up in the outlet, but will it be what you want?

    I think you should buy the one bag you really want in the color you really want and then hold out for the other. Don't take a chance to lose the one you really want.
  7. hm.... late last year (i think), i called around the outlet, and they got the style that i want in the prevous seasonal colors. so i think the chances are pretty high that the pink and purple in the style that i want will end up in the outlets. but i dont know....
  8. You should call the Woodbury Commons BV outlet. I called them last week because I was looking for the black, veneta hobo. She said they got a fairly large shipment of bags recently. Not sure if there are colored ones, but a lot if not most(?) of the bags are with the flower design on it. She said at least the classic neutral colored bags(black, brown) designs like the hobo(w/o the flower) don't usually come to the outlets.
  9. ^^I've seen the flower designed Veneta hobo's on bluefly btw.
  10. Yup, I've seen them, but everytime I look for the black, veneta hobo(w/o flower) its always gone! Hopefully, one day somewhere I'll snag it. :yes:
  11. New colours are introduced twice a year, with some colours being carried over.

    1. what are the chances that these will end up in the outlets. I think chances are quite high that some pinks and purples will end up at outlets. However, they might not be in the styles that you like.

    2. should i buy them now or wait until they the outlet. Do you already have ya eye on a specific style and colour? How much do you want it? Cos if you've got something in mind that you really want, then I'd buy it now versus risking not being to get it at the outlets later. If you're just looking for any pink/ purple, in no particular style, then I would wait.

    For me, I won't wanna take the chance cos BV bags are so limited... G'luck with your choice! :yes:
  12. i think i am going to pass and get other bags instead....
    i want the pink and purple either in the veneta or ball. And like I said, when I called the outlets a while back, they actually had veneta and ball in previous seasonal colors. I dont think I want them enough to be okay if they end up on sale or in the outlet shortly.
    Thanks for your inputs ladies.....
  13. Also, by the time you get the colour you want from the outlet (let's say pink) it may be the wrong season! I don't think the pink ones would end up in the outlet until well into the summer, when the new collection comes out. I think if you really like a bag, enjoy it while it's in season.
  14. As I mentioned in another thread before, if the colour scheme (pink seems to be one) is to be continued on for more than one season, it might not even be discounted or worst sold out by end of season. Having said that, listen carefully to your own instincts and you should not go wrong.

  15. This is pretty much what I am saying. I read your follow-up comment you don't seem like you want the bags too much that you can't wait. Good Luck.