Should i buy the white caviar tote?

  1. I have the opportunity to buy the white caviar tote but I'm hesitating for two reasons. It will be my first Chanel purchase and maybe I need a classic flap as my first bag. Secondly, the SA says that once this bag goes they can't get any more because white isn't one of the standard colors that this bag comes in. She says that I can always get it in black or pink. Is this true about the availability of white? Also, how difficult is it to keep clean? This won't be used as an everyday bag. What do you all think?
  2. I am not sure about the availability, but believe me, white is sooooooo hard to keep clean even if your not using it all the time. If you just accidently rub it against something, your outta luck

  3. Hi Michele,

    Do you have anything in white caviar in your collection, or do you mean a white bag in general?

  4. Is the tote like the one I posted photos of recently? I almost bought their white one. My SA has it in white and says the caviar is SO easy to take care, she wipes any traces of dirt off w/ a damp towel and says she's never had any color transfer on hers. She swears that it just won't happen w/ caviar.

    If you're a "tote" kind of gal like me, there's no reason you'd need a flap first!
  5. Hi Monica,

    Actually I dont have the purse in the white "caviar" - just other bags. So maybe you will be okay since Swanky had talked to an SA about keeping it clean.

    If you do get it, let me know how it works out, I'd be curious.
  6. I'm always afraid of white bags.. but white just looks so classy! and caviar is easy to clean and maintain =)
  7. i recently exchanged my white lambskin classic flap for the white caviar because of reccommendations that it'll be easier to keep clean. the caviar feels stronger and almost stain resistent, but since it's white i'd still be very careful with it.

    i've also heard from the SA's that the white w/ silver is seasonal, and the tag does say 06P, but i think they bring it back every spring season because i'm almost positive that i've seen the white caviars and lambskins last spring/summer season.
  8. where is this photo posted?

  9. Just found your pictures. Yes, that's the one!
  10. I have a white caviar classic flap, and it is AMAZING! It goes with so many different outfits, and IMO it always look clean. The purse has never gotten dirty.
  11. I'm so afraid of white bags in general that I usually stay away from them. But I'm a bit hard on my bags so....for a summer bag I tend to go with color and then brown and black for winter/fall.
  12. :huh:o.. if you have the opportunity to buy it, I say get it!

    I have the white caviar tote and absolutly LOVE it! My SA also told me the caviar is pretty easy to maintain, and so far I've had no problems keeping it clean.

    I was told that the white is also a limited color, only available during the spring/summer, in limited quantities but who knows~

    IMO, the white is the most gorgeous of all the other colors from that collection.. good luck!