Should I buy the straw basket?

  1. I just realized that I could buy the straw basket with white trim at the macy's friends & family thing. What do you guys think? I've had my eye on it for a while and love it, but I'm supposed to be saving for school and a trip to Las Vegas, BUT I would save $50!

    I forgot to mention that I have 4 loves when it comes to handbags and things in general:

    Um, a Coach straw basket with white trim and turquoise stitching. Hello?
  2. I have the bag in Grass and I love it , although it is open I have not had any of my stuff fall out and unlike the straw baskets from the past years ( i have the one from 04 and 05) it can fit on your shoulder as long as you are not wearing bulky cloths , I really love it and it fits a lot of stuff in it with out feeling to heavy , hope this helps and you will need a bag to take to Vegas with you:graucho: and if you get $50 off that means you would be crazy not to get it , you can get a matching scraf with the extra cash !;)

    [​IMG]here is mine , isn't she cute ?
  3. The straw baskets are fabulous. We've sold a lot of them at my boutique! I'd say go for it!
  4. I think it's a fabulous bag -- but it's big and kind of bulky -- would you get enough use out of it?
  5. YES! Such a silly silly question! ;) You definitely should. Especially since you can get a F&F discount!
  6. I think so. I change purses every day, but I wear a lot of bright colors especially in the summer, which would be perfect with the white. I got dressed the other day and thought, I need a bright white purse (my favorite bags ever so far are my winter white braided soho hobo and tote). I really have an obesssion for white.
  7. To me anytime I can use the word Coach and discount in the same sentence it is always a good thing :nuts: but then again I do have a weakness for straw bags

    I bought an outfit that matched the bag before i even ordered the bag ! it goes with everything!
  8. Here's an updated collection pic to help me prove to myself that I NEED it. You guys can enable all you want:graucho: ! I also attached pics of my curtains in my little apartment to prove the bright color thing. I'm obsessed with jewel tones. I just love the look of a fresh white bag with a bright outfit.
    IMG_0303.JPG IMG_0306.JPG IMG_0305.JPG
  9. yes you need it! it is gorgeous!! buy it!!
  10. i think you should i was supposed to get one or my birthday...but i got two shoes instead...
  11. it was too heavy and just not something i will get a lot of use out of, but if you can handle that weight and can use it then go for it.
  12. :nuts: You have LEGACY STRIPE CURTAINS!!!!! Okay, maybe not really, but close enough for me!
  13. i know right!! didnt coach have scarves like the pillows on the chair??
  14. ok i am sorry! i am going to be the one to disagree :sad:

    I think they are really $ for straw bags

    and i think they are WAY to stiff, you cant close the top opening at all, no closure and its wide open cause if the structure
    and because it keeps its shape its very bulky it doesnt even smoosh when under your arm

    i dunno for me it wouldnt be practical at all i wouldnt feel safe keeping anything in it but a towel and a bathingsuit and for that i wouldnt spend that much

    :sad: SORRY! but if you love it and it would be useful for you then totally go for it!
  15. LOL. I love stripes in general especially if they are bright! I have the legacy stripe top handle and the french wallet, oh and the curtains!