Should I buy the Speedy 25 or the Speedy 30?

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  1. I like the 30. To me, the 25 almost looks like a doll's bag. It's cute but so small!
  2. I vote for speedy 25. Just in case you need a smaller size bag.
  3. the 30. if you are used the MC speedy, then the mono 30 would be comparable. i find the 25 to be too small, in both size and proportion.
  4. I would buy the 30. I have the speedy 25 in Azur and I am going to sell it and buy the 30, because it is too hard to get my zippy wallet in and out.
  5. Thanks so much guys I think I'm gna go with the speedy 30 cuz I'm used to having the room.
  6. The 30! I just posted the same answer on another thread, which asked for the difference between the 25 or 30. You will love the 30, it is easier to get in and out of and it holds more.
  7. i like the size of speedy 30 in monogram. it looks waaay better than 25 in monogram. IMO
  8. The speedy 25 holds quite more than expected but it all depends on how you use the bag and if the 30 is a good size for you.
  9. Def the 30!!
  10. 25

    It is really tiny buut the 30 is way to big in mono-really saggy!