Should I buy the Speedy 25 or the Speedy 30?

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  1. I already have the speedy 30 in the multicolour canvas. I'm thinking of getting one in the brown Monogram canvas. Should I get the speedy 25 or the speedy 30?

    I can't decide!
  2. Speedy 30.
  3. why do you think the speedy 30 is better?
  4. Whatever size works best for you. If you find the size of the current bag works then go with that.
  5. I think the Speedy 25 is too small, and I prefer the 30: I have had the 25, I sold it, and I got the 30. I don't know why but I think the 30 is better, more practical, more beautiful, and bigger. If you have a MC Speedy you, should buy the same size.

    Take the 30.
  6. I'd get the 30 simply because it's bigger and more functional for everyday needs, IMO.
  7. my vote goes to the 25.

  8. ditto :smile: i have the white MC speedy in 30 and the damier azur in 30 and it's the perfect size imho.. 25 is too small for me at least :P
  9. I have the mono 25 but I also have other speedies in 30 the 25 is a great bag and it fits lots but I'd say 30 becuase it will fit a bit more or it's a bit easier to find things because there is extra room to rummage.

    But how do you feel about the sag factor a 30 will sag more than a 25
  10. it depends! I have the 25 and I love it. To me it's a big bag and I can fit everything in it! I'm only 5'1" so maybe thats why I think its big lol
  11. Definately the 30.
    I thought I wanted the 25 for so long but when I compared them side by side in the boutique, buying the 30 made much more sense. I use it everyday and an amazed at the number of things I can put in it!
  12. Just my opinion but I think the 25 is better. It holds way more than you would expect. It doesn't get as heavy. It can take you from day to night (the 30 isn't much of a night out bag IMO). It's cuter than the 30 too. I love mine! Also I find that I can find things much easier since it's not huge. I did look at the 30 but it felt like luggage to me. Good luck with your decision. :smile:
  13. I love the 30...

    Although my next Speedy will be a 35... gotta love big bags!
  14. If you are used to the 30, you might miss the room if you go smaller?
  15. Speedy 30