Should I buy the matching wallet...

  1. I only have one LV envelope style wallet.
    I just bought a coach Heritage Pink Tote and was thinking it might be nice to have the matching wallet and cosmetic case. Do you ladies like your accessories to match? Do you most have you have more than one wallet.
  2. I think matching is cute, but I don't like to spend the $ and more importantly I don't like switching my stuff all out of a wallet.. to me it's a BIG pain :tdown: I just bought a coach bleecker checkbook wallet that has the black leather and the khaki signature.. that way it matches all bags and I love the pink inside.. it was pricey for me but I got it on pce and I will use it with everything.. I would rather have another bag and I don't have to switch all my stuff out. :tup:
  3. Definitely. I have to have matching wallets, etc. Thankfully all my black Coach bags match with my one black leather wallet and my khaki and brown bags match my brown leather wallet, both of which I got at the outlet. For my Legacy bags, I have the Legacy stripe wristlet as my wallet so that it'll match any and all Legacy pieces that I foresee in my future. *lol*

    Each of my tokidoki bags have a matching wallet too. Hehe.
  4. Personally I dont care to have them match.Currently I have a brown I/F wallet that I just love.
    But did just buy a coach wallet.. I would say its more a summer color but i'll use it for a bit. Then i'll switch into the brown one again for the fall winter months and use the new for spring summer :smile:

    I like a colorful inside to my bag :biggrin:
  5. I have a brown leather, brown sig, and black sig. So I can match them according to what I'm wearing!!! lol, I don't have everything exactly the same, but in the same color groups. You can't have a black sig wallet w/a whisky colored bag!!!!
  6. I prefer to match if possible. Doesnt have to be the same exact, but at least in the same color family, or if nothing matches, then a complete neutral like black or brown. I also have matching wristlets to most of my bags too.
  7. ? is your coin purse a larger coin purse like a wrislet. so you can at least put your credit cards and money in it? If so you may not need a wallet unless you want one that zip
    around wallet is so cute in the heritage collection!
  8. I have a khaki sig checkbook wallet and a black sig checkbook wallet. They don't perfectly match everything, but at least they're close.
  9. I'm a matcher....see my signature and my collection.
  10. Well, I just bought three Bleecker wallets to match my purses, but I doubt I will keep any or all of them. I ALWAYS buy the matching wallet and then more than 50% of the time I return it. I am just not a wallet person, but would rather buy it at the same time and have a choice than to REALLY want it later and not have the option.

    However, if you really use wallets you may want to get one Coach wallet that isn't too matchy to one particular bag, or that can be used in purses that you really want/plan to buy.

    For example, I have a hot pink leather wallet that I bought at an outlet two summers ago that didn't match my purses but that can be used with most of my purses. Or buy a basic signature wallet.
  11. I'm also a matcher. I must have the matching wallet.
  12. i wish! cant afford to match everything and it takes too long. i have a coach wallet, but i have LV agenda and clés so i guess some of my accessories match each other.
  13. I am soooooooo bad because I always have to have the matching wallet, cos. case, etc. I have even turn bags down before if the wallet was no longer available. So I say... YES!!!
  14. I like to coordinate not match exactly.
  15. I am a one-wallet girl. I think you have to ask yourself if you want to swap out credit cards, phone numbers, licenses, coupons, checks, pens, receipts...every time you want to wear a different purse, or if you don't give a darn what is inside so long as the outside looks cute.

    I will use the brown Hamptons wallet with everything, including the purses I'm still lusting after but can't buy yet :smile:.