Should I buy the Leapard/Monogram scarf or bandeau?

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  1. Help!! I am on hold with 1866 Vuitton right now...

    Do you ladies think that it is worth $230 for the bandeau or $260 for the scarf?? Which one should I get?!?!? HELP!:nuts:
  2. depends on the style/colour..

    Sorry didn't read title....ummm scarf
  3. Its the brown monogram with the leapord on the ends :smile:

    I guess that they have 2 at Southcoast Plaza...they are holding one for me until tomorrow
  4. I'd get the scarf!
  5. Ugh I know!! It is sooo beautiful...would it look OK on a Mono Speedy 35??
  6. get the scarf, if you are a scarf person. It is big though! My mom has it. She likes it.

  7. yep ...scarf for sure!
  8. ^Well I am thinking of getting the is longer and thinner...I like to tie them on my bag:smile:

    The scarf is gorgeous but I think it might be too big??
  9. It depends on what you prefer. Personally, I'd go for the bandeau.
  10. well...I guess it does depend on what you want it for. Bandeau is better for your bag being it is longer and thinner. With the scarf, I guess you can roll it to be thinner -- plus you can use it in more ways than the bandeau, I think?
  11. ^good point...I am really not one to wear them in my hair often bc I am so afraid to loose them!! LOL

    I am shocked that there is only a $30 price difference between the smaller bandeau and the larger scarf!
  12. The scarf is GORGEOUS! You need it!

    Here's pics of mine:


  13. I'd get a scarf.
  14. wow! that's so hot krispin41! No wonder Couturegrl can't decide!


    That is the scarf and not the bandeau, correct?:nuts: