Should I buy the costly wallet to go with my designer purse before its gone?

  1. I have the Fendi Selleria; its my first and probably only designer handbag Ill be getting for a while. I got it for $450 at Barneys after Xmas and it retails for about $1,900 (so thats why I went for it). Its pretty timeless and I think Ill be using it for several years to come.

    The matching wallet is about to go away, as it is last season and I probably wont find it again. Its full price at $465 plus tax. Should I get the wallet while I can or get something cheaper? My husband thinks its insane to spend that kind of money on a wallet that you wont see...I could put that towards another purse! Its not flashy but maybe thats good. Its got all the compartments I need.

    Im concerned about the cost and also would a wallet would get a lot of wear and tear. But if you add it all up together, its about $950 for a set! What should I do????
  2. I'm a fan of mix and match. So if you think $465 is too much for a wallet, then I think you should get something cheaper but still fits with your bag.
  3. Awww that's why I want to get a wallet I can use as a clutch, so sometimes you can see it, plus sometimes you don't want to carry your entire purse with you either.

    If you're the kind of person that likes having a set, you should go for it, cause then in the end you'd have spent 950 vs. 2065-ish.

    But personally I think you could find a different brown wallet, around the same price or less that you might love more.
  4. I say skip the wallet, you can find super nice ones at a much cheaper price than that. But I'm also not big on matching wallets and bags, I prefer to find a wallet that I really like and then use it with all of my bags.
  5. I would skip the matching wallet. I'm way too lazy to change wallets every day or so.
  6. I would skip the wallet also. Although it would be nice to have a set I would not personally be able to justify the price. You never know you could find a discounted one later. I would spend that money on another bag .
  7. i would have to eg you on and say YES... oh my goodness yes! if its a limited deal then please do...teehee
  8. Skip the wallet and find a fabulous one for less. What do you like, what color, what material? Did you check out the wallets at bluefly? They have some nice ones.
  9. IMO, skip the wallet. Use that money for your next purse.
  10. I'd go w/ nay on the wallet. You can find a excellent quality marc by marc jacobs wallet for under 200...which is what I did. :smile: I can't justify spending TOO much for a wallet..I'd rather it go towards my next purse. :smile:
  11. Hmmm...the wallet doesn't blow me away for that price. I agree with everyone and your husband who mentioned to skip the wallet and go with something else. Let us know what you decide!
  12. I also vote for skipping the wallet unless you're absolutely in love with it and can't live without it. My current wallet "matches" one of my purses (a coach), but I use it with all of my bags--I just can't imagine changing my wallet to go with my purse, it's enough work just to change purses, so I often end up carrying my bag way longer than I usually intend to.
  13. I have to say you guys really know the right thing to do! Id rather have a cheaper wallet full of bills! Also, there really are about a million wallets that are cheaper than that which are a lot cuter and more fun. I dont even think this one has a zipper for coins. I think wallets can get pretty trashed out too after a while. Great advice! I like the suggestions too.
  14. go for the purse.