Should I buy the Brentwood (Amarante) or the Beverly MM

  1. I dont know which one to get I want them both but the husband says only one. I love the amarante I think it is very unique. I know no one with that color but is is too dressy? I love the Beverly because its not dressy but there are sooooooo many fake monogram bags. I like that there are not any fake vernis here in Seattle.
  2. The amarante. Its gorgeous. :drool: You're right, I haven't seen any fake vernis in Seattle.
  3. Buy the Brentwood, I love the colour too but then I'm partial to the vernis
  4. I have the Houston in amarante and I :heart: the bag in that color... I have no problems with color transfer like other vernis and I don't have any problems with fingerprints. I love it.. go for the brentwood
  5. aramante...the colour is just too beautiful/seductive to ignore. I'd buy it in a heartbeat if I didn't have to pay tuition.
  6. definitely the brentwood, i LOVE it in amarante, such a gorgeous color and a practical bag.
  7. Get the Beverly... it's more of a wardrobe staple. I love the Amarante, but I think it's more well-suited for a smaller bag for evening use.
  8. i'd get the brentwood, in amarante. tho i'm biased, I :heart: amarante, and all the other new vernis colors. i guess i just like it cuz it's a very WOW bag. :smile:
  9. I have the Brentwood in pomme and love it. I was actually torn between it and the Beverly MM at the time and although I still drool over Bev, I'm glad I have the Brentwood. The amarante is gorgeous, I'd love the inclusion bangle, if nothing else. Get it and enjoy!!
  10. I have the amarante rosewood and the french purse ... the color is gorgeous! I say go for the brentwood ~ it's classy looking and not as common, even down here in so cal.
  11. I'd go with the Brentwood.
  12. Beverly!