Should I buy the Black Diamond Stitch ?Hold at I purchase $375 to get gc?

  1. Ack...decisions.

    I have the black Diamond Stitch on hold in Saks right now....trying to decide should i buy this so I can get theSaks GC...and then the pressing matter. should I also purchase because an additional $375 just to get the extra $150 in GC?

    It looks cute in the pics, but I havent' seen it in person.....Can you return to Saks Chanel? I being suckered into smart marketing here?

    I've been searching for the perfect black bag....Ack. I am a Chanel addict. Please help.:p
  2. I know I would do it to get the extra $$.
  3. i would too. it is easy to return at Saks, but i think they make u return the EGC too.
  4. Have it and love it. The perfect everyday black handbag. I would do it even without the GC . That is how much I love it!
  5. Get the diamond stitch and buy a wallet to match!!!
  6. I just got this bag and LOVE it! It's so easy to use too.
  7. YOURE asking us if you should buy a CHANEL BAG??????

    ROFL..HECK YES!!!!!

    And post pics for us when you get it so we can drool!!!!
  8. I also would spend more money to get the max out of the gift cards. If you are going to buy the bag anyway, of course take advantage of the spend some get some!
  9. Haha...i just realized who I was asking. if my boyfriend knew I had done this he'd just give me that look, of "seriously?" Thats like asking a man...Well should I have another beer?....doh...

    Silly me....maybe i just needed support that I am doing the right thing. Isn't it the patriotic thing to support my economy? :p
  10. ^LMAO!You support the economy girlie!!!!
    We are right behind ya!!HEEHEE!