~~ should i buy the birkin? (Please help)

  1. hey there..

    i just got a call from a friend of mine who works as a store manager of multiple designer stores in the city i live in.. i've developed this friendship with her and have been a loyal client for the designers she represents (Fendi, Chanel, Tod's, etc)..
    i've been telling her about my craving for a birkin.. and her sister happens to run one of the Hermes stores in another country..
    Anyways.. i got a call an hour ago from her sister who has secured me a

    30cm Fuschia Crocodile Birkin Bag with Palladium Hardware..

    she secured me one in a week!!!

    okay... here is the thing.. i never really thought about the color, leather, shape, size or anything yet.. i just said i want a birkin.. and now i have a chance or getting my hands on one.. in the rarest form (crocodile!!)

    Pink is my favourite colour but i am not sure if its a practical one.. especially with the price tag..

    it is for $52K. that's will be the most expensive investment i've ever made on a bag..

    i need to make a decision in the next 12 hours max or i will lose it.. I won't even be able to see the bag till after the purchase since it's in another country..

    should i wait and think this through? or should i just purchase this one? :confused1:

    it's 2 am over her and i can't even sleep thinking about this.. God the obsession.. the never ending obsession that we indulge ourselves in..

    help me make a decision.. :hysteric:i am losing it here..

    tell me to go for it.. :love:
  2. This is just my 2 cents; to me, that price is INSANE , especially for a first Birkin. By all means get it if you love it and you have the money but really think it through.
  3. The bag sounds fabulous, some even might say TDF but the mark up from your friend's sister...KWIM
    Let's hear other opinions and good luck with your decision~
  4. OMGosh the mark up is scary! But If you can easily afford it???...go for it! Favorite color is pink! 30cm perfect for day or evening.. CROC is devine!!! But maybe you should just find another Birkin and try it out first? They can be found I promise...a nice used one for about 6000-6500 ? Keep us informed.
    Half the fun is the hunt anyhow..but that's just me ... Good Luck!
  5. I agree. I don't think it's a sensible investment. would you shove that amount of money into shares of a company you have never researched? You haven't even seen it, and haven't thought it through. BUT, I'm only going on what I would do if I were in your situation. You might never get the opportunity for this colour and croc again. I can't tell you to go for it, but I also can't tell you not to go for it. It's your money. Do you think you could live with the bag? What is your gut telling you to do?
  6. Fuschia croc birkins are one of the most gorgeous bags out there, but you should only get it if you can afford it and know you'll like it :yes:
  7. I agree.. the price is just crrrrrrrrraaaaazzzzy.. i am not convinced i should go for it.. i will probably let it go this time..
    i can't justify the price yet..

    i hope i don't wake up and change my mind.. we'll see..

    thank you all..
  8. I'd say don't get it.

    With that price, you can easily pay for a nice holiday in Tokyo and browse thru 11 to 12 Hermes stores there, and pay still full retail.

    There is a high chance you'll see a birkin at each store. And decide when you can actually see & touch the bag.
  9. IT,TA!
  10. What did you decide??
    It is a fantastic bag color , and if you can afford it go for it, just maybe makes sure you can send it back if you dont like it

    let us know how it went
  11. :yes::yes::yes:
  12. The markup is almost $20K. I say pass...
  13. If you already have the $52K, why not fly to another country where birkins are available and get more than 1 in a few colors you might like ? Need not be a crocodile for your first ? Get the best of both worlds - a vacation + more than 1 birkin ! :smile:
  14. Its a pretty bag, but it seems overpriced. Plus you won't experience buying it at the boutique!
  15. Her sister is a H store manager, and she is selling you a H croc birkin with a huge mark up? :wtf: