Should I buy Speedy?

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  1. I have some LV bags, including Neverfull, but no Speedy this far. I usually like classics, but for some reason I have been thinking Speedy is too common nowdays (think about all those fakes!).
    So, what do you think? Is Speedy worth it? Bandouliere or ordinary? Should it be a part of my collection, and if yes, why?
  2. i have to say that the speedy remains my favorite bag. i just love it. i have carried my de speedy 35 more than any other of my lvs. the speedy b is a great option if you think you will carry either crossbody or on the shoulder. best of luck!
  3. have to agree with the above comment..speedy b is deff worth it i am in love with this bag so useful classic, and can be held several ways
  4. I agree, speedy b is a great bag and worth the purchase!
  5. I LOVE my 2 Speedys (monogram 30 and Damier Ebene 30)... They are perfect toss around bags with jeans!
  6. Thanks for your opinions. I just bought another LV bag, but kept on thinking about Sbeedy. I agree Speedy B would probably be better option because it can be carried in different ways. Maybe in de, because I don't like to worry about the vachetta. I just hate to see so many poor fakes nowdays!
  7. The ordinary speedy is a classic! :smile:
    Good luck!
  8. I think every LV lover should own a Speedy. Yes they are common. They are common for a reason. For nearly 100 years the Speedy has been an iconic LV style. The quintessential bag, if you will. I suggest you get an LE Speedy, an Empreinte Speedy, or a Mon Mono Speedy. Make it unique and special....but definitely get one!
  9. I love both the speedy b and classic. If you are worried about people thinking it could be fake. Maybe go for mon monogram or just something simple as getting it heat stamped. That one at least is free :smile: good luck. :smile:
  10. I never thought I would own a speedy but it is such a classic timepiece. Now, I own two.
  11. Get the speedy b atleast it has 2 option speedy handheld , speedy crossbody😊
  12. I love my speedy 30 in DE! I never thought I would, but it has been my most used bag since I purchased it. I'm even thinking about getting the mono in 30 as well. If I see another person with the same bag, it doesn't bother me because as long as I know it's real, that's all that matters. There have been times where I have seen other ladies that may have fakes eyeing mine. They know which ones are fake and which ones are real. As long as I know, that's all that matters. GL!
  13. Yes you should :smile: I love my Speedy, it's my most used bag.
  14. I say go for speedy bandouliere. I had the classic speedy and sold it cause it was too annoying to hold by hand all the time. I bought speedy b and love it so much!! It's almost as awesome as my neverfull mm.

  15. Agreed.. Go for it