Should i buy?? :S

  1. [​IMG]
    I dunno if i should buy this or not.. need help!!>< :confused1:do u like it??
  2. cute, you should get it. i got my daughter a small satchel in that same print and she loves it!!:tup:
  3. I think it is very cute!!
  4. I think it's cute, and I don't normally like the patchwork stuff!

    Go for it!
  5. This was not my favorite patchwork that has come out, however if you can't stop thinking about it get it or you will regret it!
  6. very cute.. don't know where you are getting it from but just don't pay too much, they have been at the outlets for a while now. :tup:
  7. its cute, go for it.
  8. I don't love it, but if it's your style then go get it!
  9. It's not my favorite, but if you like it and will use it, get it!
  10. It is my least favorite of any patchwork Coach has done but we all have different tastes and I know what it's like to can't stop thinking about a piece. I say get it if you love it!
  11. i agree with the ladies that it's not my fav pattern. in fact, i'm not a huge fan of patchwork. but if you love it, get it! you will regret it if your heart is really in love. believe me, i've been there and have some regrets.
  12. That one will get dirty very easily
  13. Are you sure it's real? I cannot see the tag clearly.
  14. If it is authentic I say yes... I love all the patchwork stuff and the colors are so beautiful!
  15. Something about that screams fake to me.
    Id go to the Authenticate This thread and find out.