Should I buy pre-owned or wait for new?

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  1. I had a purchased a pre-owned Galliera PM earlier this year but I decided to sell it. Now I want it back and of course they are sold everywhere. Should I purchase a pre-owned one or wait to see if I can get it brand new also risk price increase?

    Of course once I decided I wanted it back now I have no patience to wait. i want it yesterday:graucho:

    *of course I am not condoning buying or selling in this forum.
  2. I would get a new one.
  3. Get a new one. I hear the last batch has the plastic around the rings so no black marks!
  4. new one^^ exactly, they have finally fixed the black mark problem so get the latest version!
  5. I'd go pre-loved and put the savings toward another bag! The way I look at it, every (authentic! Make sure to get it authenticated here first) pre-loved bag I get might help another tpfer get a new bag. Plus you get to pick a bag with a patina, which is great because I hate aging vachetta myself.

    Good luck :smile: Either way you go, the Galliera is an amazing bag.
  6. I have purchased pre-owned before and they never really feel like "my" bag. So, I say go for brand new so you can put your own stank on it :P
  7. All those who say new:

    What about the wait? And also, the possibility of price increase??
  8. wait for a new one..
  9. I totally forgot about the ring thing - might want to wait on a new one for the Galliera. Last week my SA hadn't heard anything about a price increase, but I can't be sure how reliable his info is. Wasn't the last one in April?
  10. If it's in great condition pre-loved is fine IMO. If it doesn't have the new rings, just bring it in LV and they will replace them for free.
  11. If you can save at least 20% pre-owned then sure, Otherwise, I'd rather buy new.
  12. Wait for the new imo
  13. wait for new one, GL deciding! :smile:
  14. Wait for a new one, since they are sold someone will try to get top dollar for a used one. If there is a price increase better to pay more for a new one than a used one.
  15. new one. you will be much happier.