Should I buy patent rockstuds?

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  1. Are these still in style? If so, what heel height does everyone recommend? Poudre or black? Thank you!
  2. Yes! I have the high heel and just ordered the kitten. Love how the patent is indestructible. I find them timeless.
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  3. I still really like them and feel like they are approaching classic status. I don't know why they seem to get picked on from time to time. I personally love the neutral colors in flats.
  4. Yes, I like patent. The shine of the patent leverages the sparkle of the studs, and v.v. in this case, too. Plus, patent can withstand rain much better than regular leather, a small but existing factor. I like the dressiness a quality patent gives to an outfit, cheap patent is a horror. I have a pair of Robert Clergerie black patent dress shoes that I've walked in for many miles over several years and there isn't one single crease in them to this day. I can't explain it, the shoes still look brand new and beautiful. Get patent!