Should i buy new winter boots (i'm thinking about buying Ugg)

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  1. i have really bad winter boots in the past. i recently bought new winter boots this year, cost me 100$ and next thing you know, water got inside my boots. about mid february (which is the same month i bought it) i always came home with wet socks and my feets looks horrible.
    i really don't want to ask my parents to buy me another boots. it's the second time and i feel ashamed if i ask again (im 18 so i have to depend on myself)

    so i though i should buy boots with a luxury brand, because random boots won't cover for the snow i suffer in Canada. I saw these UGG Bellvue and a review convince me that i could wear it for year and water doesn't go inside your boots. Problem is, it's 308$. i probably have enough

    But i'm actually saving for a trip to new york and i promise a friend i will save and go to new york next summer. But i'm torn between buying good winter boots for my feet and my promise to my friend.

    i need some advice!! plz

  2. Are those boots made to wear in the snow? The ones you posted don't look like they are (they are not tall enough and they are made out of suede and leather). The classic Uggs are not meant to wear in the snow as they are not made of a protective enough material. Luxury boots like Uggs will not help you in the snow......

    If you want actual WINTER boots that hold up in the snow, you will probably have to look a more sporty brand, like Hunter Wellies with fleece socks, or at stores like LLBean, North Face, and REI.
    ^LLBean pair with sheepskin lining and rubber toe
    ^North Face pair, also with sheepskin lining
  3. ^^Agree. Those UGG boots are leather and will not keep your feet dry. Not to mention, they are short, so snow could get in the top.

    I would go with a rubber boot. I'm currently looking at Hunter or Aigle boots.
  4. Get a pair of Hunter Wellies- I used them in several feet of snow last year (with the fleece inserts) and they were amazing. The fleece inserts are a must.

    They are also really comfortable and you won't get wet at all, and they are really tall so no snow will get inside.
  5. Those are NOT cheap, I wouldnt spend that on fashion snow boots. You pay for the name when you get UGG and if you need some serious boots dont get those. I have some North Face Nuptse (I think there are several versions) boots and they are indestructible in the worst of snow storms. Probably too much power for day to day, but they are great for the depths of winter.

    These are actually closer to what I have. Mine are white leather with gray trim. Love them! You have no idea how warm and waterproof they are.
  6. I vote for a rubber boot instead - trust me, you won't regret it!!
  7. i would get a pair of rubber boots...if you wear them ALL the time, get a pair of hunters.
  8. I agree about the Hunters, or get a pair of Sorels if you live in a part of Canada besides BC.