Should I buy my first luxury piece of jewelry, or spend it on travel?

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  1. *Mods, not sure if this completely belongs here, but since it's jewelry related...

    I'm thinking about taking my first trip to Paris, about a week to a week and a half. But when I calculated the total cost, it came out to a couple thousand, (maybe like $5000? this is a ballpark figure, mind) and I starting thinking of what I could buy with that money instead.

    I don't own any jewelry at all, but I'd like to buy a classic, signature, investment piece. With $5000 I was thinking to buy a nice Cartier ring, probably the Trinity, although the Juste Un Clou line looks cool as well. Or maybe a VCA Alhambra necklace.

    I know that this is the classic debate of buying material goods vs buying experiences. Although I've never been to Paris, I have traveled to other countries multiple times and so it's not like this will be my very first international trip. In addition, I don't own any jewelry at all--whereas going to Paris would be adding yet another stamp to my passport. I would like to say that just because I don't own any jewelry and don't wear jewelry doesn't mean that it's "not as important"/not as useful in my life--I just haven't found the right piece yet.

    So I'd love to hear from you, ladies. Jewelry or Paris? If jewelry, what jewelry would be a classic, non-flashy piece appropriate for daily wear?
  2. phew.
    good question.
    but it seems to me like you have already made your mind up and would much rather get a piece of jewelry.
    I think that you will have to hit up these stores and try pieces on. The right piece will look fantastic on you and you wil love it!
  3. Hmm I also think it sounds like you would like to spend it on jewelry. For 5 grand you can get a round 1 carat G color diamond. That would be nice too 😁
  4. I would go with the jewelry. Good Luck!
  5. Me too! Jewelry lasts forever.
  6. Look at the amount of words you used trying to justify that it's okay to buy yourself a nice piece of jewelry rather than going to Paris. :biggrin:

    Your gut is telling you that you should buy the jewelry...but don't get too hung up on investment only. Go look in a few places and buy something that you fall in love with and will make you happy every time you look at it. If you can't fall in love with anything you see, then you're just trying to convince yourself that you should get jewelry for investment purposes. In that case, get a bond or mutual fund.... and THEN go to Paris later on.

    There are times in life to be practical, and times to be carefree. Only you can decide which is more important in your life right now.
  7. I would get the piece of jewelry. Go for the new experience.
  8. Jewelry. Then you can wear it when do you get to Paris!
  9. I personally would choose experience of a nice holiday over jewellery
  10. Holiday holiday holiday!!! Jewellery only when you can't me for now, being 7 months pregnant! Travel while you still can! Haha!
  11. go to paris, buy a nice piece of second-hand jewelry there. I've seen second hand, authentic cartier trinity rings for much much less than $5000 (it was $600). that way, jewelry is tied in with the experience! always means more right?

    but it's your money so do whatever makes you happy!
  12. Thanks for the feedback!

    Haha! :P Well, I don't anticipate *not* being able to travel, at least not for awhile, but thanks for the other POV! Congrats on the new baby!!

    Thanks darkangel! I feel like I've made up my mind too...but then I go back and rethink everything, hah! :lol:

    Oh my! I don't think I am ready for something so grand yet. One day....:P

    Thanks for the advice!

    Exactly what I was thinking! But I guess memories last forever too...
  13. Hahahaha! You crack me up. Now you've got me thinking, maybe I oughta invest this money and then in a few years I'll be able to do Paris AND jewelry. Yeah, I feel that I'm really picky and can never find anything that I truly like and am willing to splurge on...

    I wish I could do both! :graucho::graucho:

    Jewelry first, Paris later? :P

    I like this idea the best! Which kind of trinity rings have you seen? The basic tri-color one goes for around $1000, so definitely under $5000--but if you've seen a used one with diamonds, now that's a different story!
  14. This sounds like a good idea! But OP, I get the impression you secretly really want to buy the ring instead of going to Paris, so I think you should absolutely just buy it :smile: I think you will be so happy with the trinity, it always looks so pretty in pictures.
  15. I think you can swing the Paris trip for a lot less than $5000, although that depends on how you like to travel. You could save the rest for a piece of jewelry!