Should i buy my first louis vuitton?

  1. Hi Guys!

    I am a new to this forum/website. My bestfriend told me about it and I decided to join. I have been dreaming of having a real louis vuitton bag for years. I am 23 years old, turning 24 tomorrow !! (I feel like I'm getting old.. haha). I still study at University and work at the same time.

    The bag that caught my eye is the Neverfull MM. I like how it looks, the practicality of it and the price is not over 1000$....
    However, I was always scared to spend that much on a bag. Everyone I know thinks its stupid and crazy, but I believe it's a purchase that will last me for years.

    I currently only have the coach hobo bag and the rest of my bags I threw them in the garbage, since they were cheap immitations and would tear appart in no time.

    I wanted to know your opinion if you think it's a good idea to buy the Neverfull.

    Is it a durable bag? After how long do the handles change color? How did you feel after buying your first bag?

    Thanks for all your help!!!
  2. I usually find that bags with thinner straps patina faster.. that said my neverfull gm barely has any patina at all.
  3. I think you should buy the bag and not feel guilty for spending that much money. I'm sure the Neverfull will last you a long time after you buy it and you will learn to love it time after time.
  4. Youre new? says you joined in LV would be a great choice, even if you just own one...but at the end of the day its your choice...
  5. The most important is that you deserve it !!! You work hard at "school"/uni and your job. Ok it's a lot of money but if you can afford it GO FOR IT!!! You're young (i have the same age ^^ i feel old too...) but if you have no child for the moment you should go to Louis Vuitton store, have a great time and feel so happy...
    You will see the first Louis vuitton purse is very special!! Choose the bag you love because i think it's a purse you will keep during years and years... :smile:

    Hope it will help you :p
  6. agree:yahoo:
  7. Thanks guys... I know it shows registered in 08, but I actually never used the forum before.. its my first time :p

    Do you guys accessories your LV bags? If so, what do you put on them??
  8. Good for you for throwing the imitations away. And welcome to the forum. Buying an LV is truly an investment. They are gorgeous, will last a long time and not to mention addicting. Let us know what you decide. i always recc. the speedy for the first LV, but buy what you love.
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    Jeeez! youre waaay better them me...i have NO self control when it comes down to tpf.jk..LOL...unless im on vacation...

  10. My NF MM is three years old and I just love it! I have it in mono, I use it to travel and when with my kids, great bag!
  11. also agree with the other posts. ... I think a Neverfull would be perfect for you.. I felt the same way when i started :sweatdrop: but, i figured . why spend money on bags that will maybe only last a year ? LV will be with you for a long time. And, is a wonderful investment.
    good luck with your decision and welcome.
  12. Is it a durable bag?
    Yes, absolutely it lasts for years, my mom has had a monogram purse for 4 going on 5 years now, and its absolutely amazing, the color, fabric everything!
    After how long do the handles change color?
    Depends, is it sunny wear you live? If you go a lot outside in the sun, it will get tanner faster. That's what I have experienced.
    How did you feel after buying your first bag?
    LIKE BUYING ANOTHER :biggrin: This is my 9th or 10th bag.

    I'm 18, and started when I was 14.

    Btw; just wanted to wish you happy birthday tomorrow! Hope you have a great day.
    My best friends is turning 18 tomorrow. :smile:
  13. Go for it. I did and I never looked back.
  14. I absolutely love my mono was also my first...I think for a first you should go with MONO but if you don't like patina, then damier ebene is another option (although I think this bags looks best in Mono and its different leather that some say is tough on the shoulder). I DO NOT BABY MINE AT ALL, my brother actually put a coffee in it as a joke and it spilled on the vachetta (I freaked of course) and it did nothing! It was great! This is also a bag that can be used as a baby bag in the future...I say go for it!!!
  15. I would go for it! I am going to be getting my first LV this summer and can't wait, I may even get a Neverfull, but I am also into the Palermo as well!:p Good Luck! & Happy Birthday!:balloon: Do a reveal on here when you get it.