Should I buy Miss Dior or Diorama? Please help!

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  1. I'm fairly new to Dior and am deciding between two versions of the now discontinued Miss Dior - the sliding chain and regular (stock photos below). I've searched past threads and haven't seen much with people directly comparing the two. I'm especially curious about experiences with these bags now that several of you have owned them for a little while.

    While bag do you feel I should purchase? I like the idea of the versatility provided by the sliding chain but I read that the bag is "soft". Did it lose its shape over time? I love the look of the leather threaded "regular" Miss Dior but resale its $1k more and I don't know that it's worth that price differential. Is there a quality or performance difference I should consider? Lastly, did you find these bags hold much. I am hoping they will hold a little more than my Chanel medium double flaps since the Dior does not have a double flap.

    Lastly, I also love the Diorama. Should I purchase that instead? Why do why not?

    Thanks in advance for any and all opinions! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459005190.953346.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459005200.036312.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459005207.786448.jpg
  2. If you want the grained calfskin version of the Diorama (the one you attached a picture of is lambskin), then I recommend that the most. It is light-weight and durable...kind of like a carefree bag.

    Of the two Miss Dior bags, I love the older version a lot more (the one pictured in the middle). The chain is not adjustable, but that's fine because you'll probably find yourself wearing the bag one way predominantly anyway. The only reason why I recommended the Diorama in calfskin over this Miss Dior is that the Miss Dior is made from lambskin, which is not as hard-wearing as grained calfskin.

    If you prefer lambskin, then it doesn't matter which one you get. The Diorama and Miss Dior are both lovely bags. If resale value matters a lot to you, then the Diorama is a better bet because at the moment its resale value is higher.
  3. Thanks for such a thoughtful response!
  4. No problem! Let us know what you end up choosing!
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    I think Miss Dior and Diorama are both gorgeous, elegant, chic bags and there's no " wrong" choice. How are you planning to use the bag? I'm currently very drawn to the Diorama. I think this bag is a great day or day to night bag that can easily be dressed up or down. I don't consider it " trendy", because Dior does ladylike classic, and does it well! As for Miss Dior, I prefer the older version.

    I have a Lady Dior, a Promenade and my next Dior will be Diorama. Good luck choosing!
  6. Diorama! I own them both. I bought Dior miss first since it's cheaper and more casual. But diorama is definitely more stunning.
  7. i'm dying to get my hands on a diorama, so i'd go with that! jialin4869 is definitely right about the bag being stunning!
  8. i also have both and i use the diorama a lot more. such a stunning bag!
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    Thanks for all the advice. Since I was actually looking at these in various shades of blue, and really wanted the flexibility of shoulder or crossbody carry in a little less formal bag, I went for the Miss Dior sliding chain. I think I'd like to wait and to get the Diorama in pink.

    I appreciate all the feedback and can't wait for my new to me bag to arrive.

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  10. Please share pictures when you receive your new beauty! :biggrin:
  11. Very pretty bag choice. Congrats!