Should I buy Keepall 45 cerises?Use often??

  1. It seem silly topic... but i cnt make decision...
    I found someone sell second hand Keepall cerises,,it is nice condition..
    U use it often with Keepall????
    Please help me make decision.,,, u use it often???

    Or should i save this money for New line?? OR I should buy Keepall cerises keep it in my wardrobe.. It is CUTE~~~:love::confused1::confused1::confused1::confused1::confused1::confused1:

  2. You should get it! You can always get the plain mono another time, but who knows when you will come across another one of these in good condition!!
  3. Its such a gorgeous bag...I would so get it!
  4. I don't use mine that often, but it did make the cut when I was recently cleaning out my closet. It is so fun and cute. Also, looks great on my pegase when traveling. Really adds a slash of color.
  5. Also, I got a long strap to use with it, as I find that really helps!
  6. mariangelwalk,
    how much is the second hand keepall cerises that you're looking at?

  7. tink,

    just curious, how do you use a long strap with it? where on the keepall do you hook the strap?
    because i have a keepall without strap, and have been thinking how i can add a long strap to it.

  8. u have it???
  9. u wanna change new home for keepall cerises???? :nuts:
  10. I have a Cerises Keepall too. While I dont use it all the time, its so cute and cheery, I would never part with it! :smile:
  11. Get the Cerises Keepall!!!
  12. get it, it' so cute! I would love to have it!

  13. no, sorry i don't have one... i wish i did...:cry:
    i have been wanting one. but everytime i saw it on eBay, i hestitated (with the same reason as yours). and then when it's gone, i regreted it...
    so, if your desire is worth the price that you're looking at, you should go for it!!
  14. I put it on the handle harware. I will take some pics.
  15. my sister got one Keepall cerises,,, i never see she use it all..
    That why I..wonder.. i ll use it often...

    but just keep it in wardrobe... it is cute anyway:p