Should I buy Jack & Lucy keychain??

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  1. I know Jack & Lucy keychain is a Halloween limited edition; but I have heard from this forum that LV is not going to have the snowman keychain & somebody in here said that the x'mas keychain is actually the disco ball one. I have talked to a LV counter & they said that they haven't heard any new keychains coming in at all for x'mas. Should I just get the Jack & Lucy keychain? Do you think it's ok to use it all yr round? There are 2 different colors for this (one is the white/orange combo & the other one is a black & dark brown combo) Which is nicer? For those of you who have the Jack & Lucy you find it versatile? Thanks!;)
  2. get the jack and lucy..
  3. If you really like it, get it! IMO, either color combo is versatile. I have the orange/white one and still have it on my BH right now. But if you want one that will blend in with most bags, the brown/tan one would probably be better. Here's mine:
  4. I love the orange and white. I still want to get one, it's the price that puts me off.:sad:
  5. Yeah its pricey but I would urgently get it its such a nice key chain I like the brown scheme one it would look great hanging from my gm bosphore d ring!
  6. i was choosing between this and the panda cles and chose the panda. but this is really cute too! get the brown/tan one. :smile:
  7. I lOve the brown & tan! I am not even into Jack & Luci or Halloween but I am just in love with this charm :heart:
  8. I have the orange/white and love it!
  9. I agree with Rebecca...I love the orange/white combo, but the other combo will probaby look best with your monogram/damier bags!
  10. I have the orange/white Jack and Lucie and I looove it! I love Halloween(when DH and I started dating) so it's special to me. I think it will be cute worn year round.

    My SA insisted that there is a Snowman version, though, that is supposed to come out for this winter. She said it is in the book, but the pic wasn't too good. She said it is definitely a snowman, not a disco ball, but she's since left LV and I haven't hear anything about it since then. :sad:
  11. Thanks for the pic! Does the acrylic get scratched easily?? I have talked to a SA today & she recommends me NOT to get it as the acrylic will get scratched easily & that the swarovski crystals will eventually fall off?!?!? :wtf: I guess she is too honest! But I don't think LV stuff is that poorly made though. Also, I am just handging it on a bag.
  12. Oops, forgot to add a pic of mine incl a pic dangling off a monogram bag...

    Also, I found them to be really durable. I'm normally very careful, but I've accidentally banged them against the side of my car and against my washing machine and they still looked mint and brand new afterwards.

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  13. Wow..thanks for the pic!! :nuts: The Jack & Lucy keychain really look good with the monogram bags!!! :drool: :drool: :drool: But will you scratch the circular brass hardware if you just leave it dangling?? :shrugs:
  14. If you're hanging it on a bag, then it should be fine! Just don't bash it into things at all and it won't get scratched or lose stones. I've used it quite a bit and it was on my bag when I went to Universal Studios and it survived lol.
  15. I really can't give an unbiased opinion on Jack & Lucy- I don't even like them in October :Push: