Should I buy it?

  1. :shrugs: think this is versatile? any chances to get a better price? will get for 1925.00
  2. That is so gorgeous! I always wanted one but can't afford it.:rolleyes:
  3. Kathy has one!!! It's stunning!!! Def. versatile, IMO!!!:yes:
  4. As mentioned in another fendi thread, you can get an all-leather one for 30% off at Madison in Brentwood, CA on San Vicente Blvd. That's around $1450 or so.
  5. I got one and I love it! I think it is very versatile.
  6. It's nice but I don't really fancy the handles. I prefer the braided ones..cos to me that is like the attraction of it.
  7. It's very lovely--go for it.
  8. I say get it. You can pretty much wear this bag with anything. And since the fall is coming up you will really have lots of fashion options to go with it. Also this bag is on for $1839.
  9. I really like it. A great fall bag!