should i buy it?

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  1. i finally have the option of buying the fendi b-bag in the honey tan colour, but i'm not sure if i should buy it! the problem is i don't know i if i'm in love with this bag! so... what i'm wondering is should i buy it or wait for something better?
  2. wait for something better. Personally, I do not have a liking for the B fendi Bags.
  3. I would wait and get something a little more classic like a chanel or lv. I don't care for the b-bags they seem to be more of a trendy item than a classic.
  4. If you don't love it, wait! Might be better to get a more classic style that will last longer.
  5. Please wait.

    Many nicer-looking bags around, IMHO :biggrin:
  6. hesitation isnt good. wait.
  7. Hi everybody!

    I have a very big question! I'm going to buy a vuitton hudson bag on ebay in a few hours. As i can see on the photo the closure strap has just one hole to adjust it.
    Does anybody know how many holes the closure strap has?
    I'm looking forward to your answers!
    Sorry for my english, but i'm from germany and so i speak english not that often :smile:
    Here is the picture of the bag:
  8. I'd wait if you arent absolutely sure :biggrin:
  9. If you're having doubts I'd wait and get something else.
  10. Yes, you're right....:sad: