Should I buy gently used Speedy 30 in Damier Azur?!?

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    hi there!

    Im buying a second hand Speedy 30 in Damier Azur from someone locally on craigslist. She has the receipt and guarantees its authenticity, and the pics look good. However, i asked her to send me pics of the heat stamp and lock and inside stitching and she said she doesn't have the time, and that i should just look at it in person...

    im meeting her tomorrow...any tips for what i should look out for in terms or authenticity or wear and tear? She said the price is 550 firm.

    i know in the "Authenticate this" section they could help...but they need those up close pics...and im going to have to decide in person.

    Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. I think you have a good strat as to what to look for. Good luck. Let us know. I would also make sure the lining is correct as well as the hardware.
  3. make sure you know exactly what you're looking for when you're trying to determine authenticity tomorrow. if you want i can send you pics of whatever parts you're looking to compare from my azur speedy so you have a reference for tmr..

    also, 550 is pricey for used, so the bag should be in VERY good condition.
  4. I think $550 is too high unless it is like new condition
  5. Hiya, we don't have a specific reference for what to look in when determining authenticity as it could also become a reference for those that are looking to make fake bags.

    Are you able to meet with her near a Vuitton store ? Perhaps you could ask in store.

    Best of luck ! :yes:
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