Should I Buy 'Fantasy' By Britney Spears?

  1. So, the week has just barely started, and I'm already looking foward to the weekend to purchase some beauty supplies such as perfumes-- I currently wear Miss Dior Cherie:heart: . Basically, I want to know if anyone can "review" for me:

    Fantasy by Britney Spears
    Ralph Hot By Ralph Lauren
    Curious: In Control by Britney Spears
    Demeter Fragrances in foody scents.

    I really like "comfort food" scents, i.e. cupcakes, not mashed potatoes!:roflmfao:
    I'm pretty sure I'll also be getting:
    -Jaqua Buttercream Frosting Hand Cream
    -Ralph Lauren Shampoo

    Any suggestions on other fragrances/ foody beauty products would be greatly appreciated! Help me buy some beauty-booty!! :lol:
  2. Fantasy has a bit of a candy or caramel scent to's hard to describe...I like it though (HATE Britney like there's no tomorrow, but I generally like her perfumes)
  3. fragrances are so subjective...but i'm addicted to them, so i'll try.

    i did NOT care for fantasy at all...something about it did not sit right with my chemistry. i did not smell any cupcakes just lots of cheap fruitiness mixed with a very perfum-y note. you know how people smell after they come in from smoking and have spritzed themselves with cheap fruity body spray from rite aide to cover it up? that's all i got from fantasy. :sick: and it was STRONG!! boy howdy. i literally spritz one TINY spray on my wrist to see what it would be friend was shopping with me and she had to stand about a foot away until we could get home and i could wash my wrist. i honestly had to drive with ALL the windows in my car open. i know it sounds like i'm exaggerating, but i'm really truely not. i have not smelled this on ANYONE else, so i can't tell you if it was just a very bad reaction on me or if it is indicative of the perfume in general. :oh:

    i like demeter but they are truely "pick me up sprays"...they last all of 20 minutes, just enough to lift your spirits by smelling them. too expensive for the staying power.

    my sister wears curious. it's very nice on her (again, not on me) but its very white floral-y, more hot summer night in a garden than bakery. not at ALL food-y to my nose....i've never heard of in control though. is it different?

    have you tried:
    fresh sugar (sweet and light. it's a weird combo but i always picture a birthday party in the's got an almost grassy note in the sugary smell. yum. perfect for summer)
    fresh lemon sugar
    aquolina pink sugar (i love this except for one teesny part of the dry down that turns to burnt rubber with my chemistry. so sad. but on everyone else it is so yummy!)
    aquolina chocolate lovers
    theirry muglar angel (on some people it is very foody, on others it is very NOT...angel is very chemistry dependant)
    shalimar or shalimar light (light smells exactly like lemon cake to my nose, it is very sweet. shalimar is much deeper. it's an oriental with lots of insense, spices, powder (iris) and bergamont (citrusy-lemon)...but on me the main note is citrus and a very promimant food-ish vanilla note in the majority of the dry down:heart: ...this doesn't happen on most people though....probably why i'm the only person i've ever met that wears it. heh)
    comptoir sud pacifique vanilla, vanilla abricot, vanilla banane, etc.
    the bath and body works tutti dolci line (i think this would be your best bet)
    jo malone necterine blossom and honey (sweet) and nutmeg and ginger (spicy sweet)
    annick goutal eau de charlotte (berry jam and scones. mmmm) and vanille exquise (multi layered complex vanilla)

    also makeup alley fragrance board and fragrance reviews are VERY helpful. LOVE makeup alley. i always check everything there before i go to buy it. :smile:

    hope that helps!
  4. Yeah, it is very strong. I rarely wear it. I mainly like to spritz it in a large room once in a while. I dunno, I guess I have mixed feelings:P . I like to smell it every now and then, but I don't really like to wear it:P
  5. I like her "Curious", may be her "Fantasy" is good too
  6. I have several of these and love Fantasy as well as Chocolate lovers!

    I always have people asking me what I am wearing when I have Fantasy on. Get a tester first and wear it around, see how it works with your BC-
  7. Do not buy stuff by Britney Spears. I repeat, do not buy stuff endorsed by Britney Spears.

    Ok, kidding, LOL, but she just seems so cheesy lately!! Chance by Chanel is next on my purchase list.
  8. I love Curious! It smells so good. I cannot stand Britney but I doubt she has much to do in the creation of her perfume anyways. It's such a sweet foody scent. If you want a more floral vanilla fragrance, try Hanae Mori Butterfly.
  9. I love Fantasy...not too crazy about Curious, though.
  10. I just recently got Fantasy and I like it. I get migraines and it's not easy for me to find a fragrance that doesn't give me a headache, but I'm fine with the Fantasy.
  11. mmm I love Jaqua. I have the body oil spray and the lotions! Yummy.