Should I buy Chanel Reissue?

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  1. I am going to my Europe trip soon and I am thinking to buy a classic flap bag in caviar leather but I like the reissue bag with the distressed calfskin as well.. So not sure should I really get a reissue?
    Would like to seek all ur advice for reissue, not sure if the bag still looks good if we use a couple of years? Is it really durable as caviar leather bag?
    Will the reissue bag be saggy?
    Thanks in advance for all ur opinion!! :smile:
  2. I love the reissue! I have a few of them, and they hold up well. I have 2 of the anniversary issues that are 11 years old and they look great- the distressed calf is really durable. Also, if you get a scratch in the bag or flaw, the distressed leather will camouflage it more. I prefer the reissue to the classic flap because it is very lightweight, more understated, and I think the chain length is more versatile. In regards to sagging, as long as you shape the bag once you get it, store it properly (stuffed, upright), and don't completely overstuff the bag with heavy items, you should be just fine. I would say the only negative aspect of the reissue is resell value. The do not hold their value near as well as the classic flaps... If you don't plan to sell it later, that won't matter, however. Good luck with your decision
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  3. I have a reissue black leather (226) bought in 2006 that I use a few times a month, and a 2005 anniversary grey that I bought from a friend that I use around the same amount of time but more on weekends (225). They both look great. The black one got a little pointed at the top once when I was moving and stored it badly, but it pushed out over time. I love them both and still use them. That said though I have a 224 distressed rhw that has a glossier finish, the leather is really soft ant it only has its shape when it's full. I think the leather type impacts the shape..
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  4. Couldn't agree more on the resell value which I don't understand why but I guess the positive thing is that makes us those Chanel reissue lovers to buy reissues with better prices.
  5. I would absolutely recommend a reissue. I have distressed calf GHW 227 and plan on getting a 226 at some point as well. It is much lighter than the classic flap. I purchased mine preloved from 2010 vs boutique only because it was in mint condition. I use mine a lot (and I do not baby my bags at all) and I love it more each time I use it. Good luck with your decision!
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  6. My first Chanel bag is a chevron reissue in distressed calf leather even though I was bent in getting a classic flap when I entered the store. It's much easier to maintain IMO in terms of the leather nature and I didn't regret getting it. Hope this helps you with your decision. :smile:
  7. Well said Katiebal!!! "lightweight, more understated, and I think the chain length is more versatile" are the exact reasons that draw me to reissue!!
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  8. I own and love both, but if I had to choose I'd go for the Reissue :smile:
  9. I have both. I love them but the reissues are my favorite. Go with what you love more.
  10. I just got a pre loved reissue in aged calf gold hardware and I love it. The top is pointed though so far you look at it sideways the bag is triangular. I don't mind though but was wondering if this is normal wear? Sorry to high jack this thread with a different question but may be will help OP decide? Thanks for any comments.
  11. Thanks so much Katiebal for ur opinion!! :smile: not sure what kind of hardware for ur reissue bags? Gold hardware or RTW hardware? And what do u think for the hardware too? Is it easy to take care? I don't think I want to sell my bag in future so if no resell value also doesn't really matter.. Lol
  12. Thanks Auntynat! So happy u enjoy ur reissue bags :smile:
  13. Thanks Toronto24 :smile: glad to know we do not need to baby the reissue bag.. If u want to get 226 reissue, not sure which hardware will u go? Still the same GHW or RTW?
  14. I would buy the reissue. I have the 226 and love it, its so versatile.
  15. I have both too. I got a few classics before I decided to add a reissue to my collection. It has been my favourite since then and I tend to reach for it more. Good luck deciding. Both are beautiful bags.