Should I buy brand new Favorite MM bag or Used Chanel bag?

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  1. Should I buy used Chanel bag or brand new lv favorite mm bag? I can't buy brand new Chanel since its over 1k
  2. Which Chanel bag is it? Mini?
  3. Yes mini but I have a budget no more over 1k and I had trouble finding it online. Should I get brand new Favorite MM or what should I choose?
  4. Everyone needs a Chanel mini in their life ... I say Chanel! Make sure its real .. That seems like a really low price for a mini!
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  5. Chanel... Check to see if it's the real deal at that $$$
  6. What site?
  7. I looked on one of the site but it has scratches on it. Is there a way to buy used with 1000 dollars price on excellent condition or is that very rare? If it has noticeable scratches and looks used then I think I should buy lv favorite mm
  8. It's hard to find any used mini in less than 1G even you go vintage route.
  9. New LV
  10. I don't think it's possible to find a used Chanel mini for under 1k. Since the mini is so hard to find, it often goes for over the retail price.
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  11. I would say buy the Favorite. If you are talking about a mini Chanel flap even the used ones with scratches go for about 2k, at least on reputable sites. Excellent condition go for more. The Favorite is a beautiful bag and it will be new and perfect and in your budget.
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  12. Planning to buy LV favorite mm in azur.
  13. If it were me, I'd go for the LV MM favorite. The mini seems so small you'd have to be extremely compact and it may not be very useful depending on how much you carry. The favorite has a beautiful silhouette, and has greater capacity to hold more than just the barest of essentials.
  14. I would buy the new LV MM Favorite.
  15. My vote goes to Favorite MM. I'm considering buying one myself. It's just an incredibly useful bag and it's so beautifully designed.

    Having said that, I think every girl needs something Chanel too, but if you are going the used route, you can wait and see what comes up later. And with Chanel, you have to pamper the bag, so that's worth considering.