should i buy botkier emily?

  1. what to do? has the black emily at $193 from $550. It's 65% off. so cheap. but it's not on the top of my to buy list. should? just because it's dirt cheap? or should i just wait for another good buy to pop up?

  2. i dunno, that's a hard one. i'm temped to say wait.
    look and drool but wait.
  3. i want a gold botkier bag, so i understand. but i'll wait
  4. Wow thats sweet - I wish I caught that one, its a great tote, I had one in the past but the colour wasn't for me so took it back, everything else about it was great - these bags are so well made. A black one would be fine. It must have been a temporary drop, the prices are back up to $330 now.
  5. If you're not dying for it, don't get it b/c it'll just end up sitting in your closet. Save your money towards your next bag that you would definitely love.
  6. If it's something you're dying over but it wasn't the top thing on your list I would say buy it from a reputable store for cheap before they're all gone. I would rather "know" I had a good, authentic bag than to have to go through other resources like eBay. If you need to you could always return it.

    If you are only looking at it because it's cheap then I would say to wait and purchase the other items on your list.
  7. I really like it. You could always buy it and return it later.
  8. Don't buy it just because it's on sale. If you're not in love with it, save your money and buy something you actually like.
  9. I agree and is it authentic? See if it comes with Botkier dust bag, a business card with instructions about Botkier and an authentic card.

    By the way, I think Botkier is known for it's soft leather. So if you are going to carry something heavy, maybe it will stretch out?
  10. i say no. If you wouldn't buy it, if it weren't on sale, then is it really a good deal?
  11. I think you answered that's not at the top of your list. Save and get what is at the top!
  12. Wow! This bag really looks like the Botkier trigger - I guess Kooba is trying to take away some business?

    For that price, I would definitely pick it up. All it really depends on is if you like it and if you're going to get use out of it. I think it's a cute bag and the price is right. The whole rule of thumb that if it wasn't something that you wanted to buy at full price anyway doesn't always work because if you did end up waiting for all the things you liked to go on sale, you'd probably end up missing out on a lot of stuff. Gotta go with the flow! :graucho:
  13. I think you should wait!!
  14. Buy it only if you see yourself wearing it at least a couple of time. If not, then wait.