Should I buy both of these?

  1. I called my SA...Im on waitlist for DAMIER SPORTY AZUR bag....and she tells me the denim zippy wallet is in and is TOTALLY CUTE.Havent seen it IRL?!
    Is it REALLY worth over 600 dollars for a wallet?
    I use my denim cabas cruise GM bag a ton for travel..Should I get this wallet too for it>?LOL?
    Also..I was told they RENAMED the sporty bag.....cant remember..I wrote it down somewhere..heehee
    Th other thing I was considering was the denim camera bag..its only 700ish....I would get the Azur sporty and ONE of these?Just seems like ALOT for a wallet?YES?WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK?

    PS-my store has the grey Posty bag in stock..My SA loves it..Im not FAN OF THE PATCHWORK AT ALL...but Ill check it out on Fri(Cant drive till then cuz I had surgery)
  2. Id definitely go for the azur sporty, perhaps not so much the wallet? Could put that towards something else, as I'm sure you'd agree having many wallets makes it a PITA to constantly switch stuff over
  3. 100% the sporty, the denim zippe I don't know jury's out on that one I need to see it IRL 1st
  4. DEFINITELY get the Sporty! I LOVE the denim wallet too, it's adorable! I would be all over it if I haven't already bought so many wallets lately (I'm so bad)!

    Oh, and I believe the Sporty was renamed the Berkeley... so cute!
  5. By the way, hope you're feeling better, Jill!
  6. Feel better, recover hastily......and try not to fall in love with the Posty. I am not a fan of changing wallets over either, so I say go with the camera bag it's cute & multi-pupose, more bang for the buck, unless the zippy is to cute to resist:upsidedown: I'm useless when it comes to deciding between cute or funtional, a real sucker for cute.
  7. Get them both! I saw the denim zippy wallet yesterday and it's nice!!! I already have a zippy wallet and I want the denim one too LOL
  8. I'm gonna say to get both :yes: Get better soon! :flowers: :heart:
  9. get it!
  10. Yep, get them both!
  11. hmm...i say GET IT BOTH!!~ ^^
    and im not sure what kind of surgery you had but i hope you feel better soon!!~
  12. Sporty+Camera Bag! You can always put ID, CC or Cash in the Camera Bag too while u carry DC!:yes:
  13. I'd def. get the Sporty, but I dunno about the wallet
  14. Jill, you came to the wrong place to ask! You know we're all enablers! :devil:

    Definitely get the wallet & Sporty! Get the Denim Cles too! :p
  15. Hey Jill, hope you're feeling better!

    I get the call on the denim zippy earlier this week too...I am not sold wallet prices always throw me for a loop...I def. want the denim cles tho/

    Let us know what u decide. Take care, M.