Should I buy blush flap, GST or PST?

  1. Hi everyone! Its been a LONNGGG time since ive been on purse forum. ive been working 2 jobs obssessively and going to school so finally, i think its time to grab the chanel bag! i think it finally hit me that the blush flap WILL yellow in time and the black flap is ..too small for me, even for the jumbo. i think im a lil young (19yrs old) and figured the flap would look a lil more mature so im considering the GST or PST instead. i dont own any BLACk bags - i only have brown bags, white bags and pink bags. so black is definitely the color i i go for the PST or GST? i like the look of GST but i worry it might look huge on me cuz im five feet two. i dont have time to go to chanel cuz i work everyday and get off at 6pm =( so id figure id order on the phone and have someone mail it to me...what do you like? GST? or PST? i heard the PST has only gold hardware..thankfully i was going to choose gold hardware anyway. i like both of the totes but im tempted by the PST cuz its cheaper..and its easier to obtain than GST..but maybe some of you think i should wait it out and buy the GST or even the blush flap or another chanel bag? OPINIONS PLEASE! :yes:

    P.S. sorry for the long post. i saved $1200 already! but i still dont have enough for a GST..arghhh..
  2. I personally like the GST. GST with gold hardware looks good or a black classic flap!
  3. I like the GST better personally, and I don't think the proportions would be too big (but maybe someone here who's more petite and has the bag could comment on that for you) -- but, they are both such great bags, you really can't go wrong. My only comment would be depending on what you normally tote around, make sure that the PST is roomy enough for you (I didn't think it had quite enough capacity for me but I tend to have a lot of stuff w/me!) Good luck deciding and post pix when you get either! :smile:
  4. I initially ordered a PST but it wasn't roomy enough for me. I'm am not petite, and very tall. So, I sent it back and I got the GST. I love that bag much better. It just suits my frame better and my lifestyle better. I also think you can't go wrong with any of the flaps. They're just so classic and timeless.

    Good luck to you.
  5. I have the patent blush and I dont think it will yellow in time, I hope. Out of the PST and the GST Im kinda in the same situation..Im quite small and I dont want the GST to look too big on Im leaning towards the PST
  6. i have the small cambone tote, which i believe is similar to the size of the PST, i think it's a great size for my needs when going out.
  7. i like the GST better than the PST, but i think it depends on how much u tend to carry around! You can't go wrong with either though! And you're right about not getting the blush patent flap, it might yellow, it certainly isn't going to be big enough and its not what i'd consider a "timeless" chanel. You're definitely better off with either the GST or the PST! Good luck deciding! =)
  8. I am biased cos its in my wish list, i will vote for GST
  9. I vote for GST!
  10. I was in the same situation so I went to Chanel and Neimans the other day to try both on and I totally fell in love with the GST. It's a great size even for someone that's only 5'2. My only concern is getting my stuff stolen because of the top. I wish they would make the GST with a zipper across the top. Oh well. I still LOVE the bag.
  11. so with the GST, it can only be a shoulder bag, right? cuz i see girls with pst hold it by the arm/handheld...and does anyone know if the PST has a middle divider thing to separate the two sides or is it just like a boxy thing? i called chanel in sf today and they said they only had beige for PST and GST. i guess ill drop by in 2 days to see how they look on me =)
  12. The PST is just like a box. The Neimans across the street from the Chanel boutique in SF has a black PST and a pink one if you want to go try it on. Goodluck!
  13. I am 5'3" on a good day, and I bought the medallion tote first and changed it for the GST., I have the pst in pink, but I find the GST the most comfortable and easiest to get my things in and out of. I don't find it too big, I love it.
  14. I recently tried on the GST and PST, and the SA said that the PST looked much better on me (I'm petite as well). I'm considering the same two bags and am still undecided, but I think I'm leaning towards the GST because I want more of a tote. Good luck with your shopping, please let us know what you decide!
  15. yr needs?? depends on whether to hv to lot of stuff in yr bags or not...
    I personally like GST...very practical ..durable..& size is just great.