should i buy bloomsbury now or wait for portobello?

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  1. im looking for a fall/winter bag that i can use without worrying about the vachetta getting ruined by rain/snow..should i get the bloomie now or wait for 15 more days for the portobello..
  2. wait, since its only 15 more days :smile:
  3. Portobello seems abit promising, maybe exchange it in the time of release?
  4. Those are two very different bags and you need to decide what kind of bag you really need. The Bloomsbury is a crossbody bag and the Portobello is a handheld/shoulder bag.
  5. I'm so glad you started this thread! I would like a new damier ebene bag also. Are you against the NF cause of peeling/cracking issues? I think it is nice to get the newest portobello. Will it be a permanent piece?
  6. I used to own a NF,i got it 2009 and i never had prob with peeling/ cracking.. Not sure if portobello will be a permanent piece tho
  7. may i ask when is the release date for portobello in canada? thanks
  8. don't want to have amy regrets.
  9. Nice, I didn't know the time frame. Thx!
  10. Wait for portobello we don't have to wait much longer :smile:
  11. Definitely wait for portobello before you make your decision! If you don't like it, then get bloomy! That's what I'm doing! :biggrin:
  12. ^yup :tup: im also waiting to make sure
  13. I bought bloomie a month or so ago...although I haven't actually used it yet. lol
    I do plan on getting the portobello too, I'll have 3 de bags..a neverfull gm when I need a big tote, portobello when I want a mid sized shoulder, and bloomie for running around in the rain. lol
    I don't think bloomie would be a good every day type bag, at least not for me, not big enough for all of my stuff. But portobello is. I'm just hoping that it has a long enough drop to fit well on the shoulder!
  14. May I ask- what did you do w/ your NF? You no longer have it?
    I just sold mine as I feel I don't use it as much and it actually hurt my shoulders.
    So I'm looking for a new DE tote/shoulder bag, too! :smile:
  15. i'm real confused with portobello gm's measurements w15x h19x d6
    19" tall...sounds like its a real tall bag... even taller than palermo gm...wonder if it'll be too tall for me, while pm sounds too small.