Should I buy before price increase?

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  1. I'd love some advice from you all. I have been planning to buy the Neo neverfull (I sold my Ikat NF a few months ago) and want to beat the price increase. I have the money already. But my husband says he will give it to me if I wait till April (he is getting his bonus then). He says our money is tight right now (just completed a house remodel) and I should wait. Again, I HAVE the money in my own account already!

    What should I do? I should mention it's my birthday tomorrow! I have no problem buying it for myself- hate to pay the 150 dollars or so extra post price increase. Plus he was very negative about it and really annoyed me- said why on earth do I need a $1200 tote bag and the word shallow came out which has really made me furious. I am a stay at home mom by the way and I work VERY hard taking care of the family-LV is really my only indulgence. I do have a few (Raspail PM, Totally PM, Sully PM, Favorite, Pochette etc.), but I need a casual tote and hate that he's taken all the fun out of it for me. I sort of prefer to buy it myself now as it's not much of a loving present if he feels like this about it! Sorry for the rant- hope I don't sound like a spoiled brat! I am very lucky to have the bags I do, I know.
  2. My dear, I totally understand what you are feeling. I am a stay at home mom too, and DH buys me but sort of don't understand my indulgence.
    My advice would be to talk to him and tell him how you feel. Explain to him about how $150 would go waste if you wait. If he still insist then I would advice you to wait. You want your purchase to be a happy memory.

    Also,europe price has increased already. Check and compare how much actually the neo neverfull went up. Ask the people in the price increase thread here how much it went up. It might go up only 5%. here is the link:
  3. Aw, try not to let his comments get to you. My boyfriend has some materialistic people in his life so he can't stand to see me make a big deal about an object. Men just don't understand sometimes. :rolleyes: Just explain about the price increase and how the increased price is going to be like wasting money. It does make financial sense to buy now, since you have the money. But if he will definitely buy it for you later on, and he still wants to "waste" money on the new price, I'd let him! It will stop the disagreements for now and you have something to look forward to. :smile:
  4. I think LV should be an enjoyable purchase. If it were to cause some negative feelings I would probably not make the purchase. Besides, he said he would purchase the bag for you so I would just wait. I understand your feelings 100%! I am currently at home with my baby but will be going back to work soon. It's hard work being a stay at home mom! You deserve to be spoiled. :biggrin:
  5. I would get one if you want it and can have it
    after all 150$ is a lot of money even in lv land
    happy birthday
  6. Thanks everyone! I had a happy ending after all- my husband gave me a birthday card today with a picture of a NF inside and told me to go buy it today. So I did, before he changed his mind! I will do a reveal tomorrow :smile:
  7. Congratulations!!! Happy birthday!
  8. Awww yay!! Congrats!
  9. Congrats! It worked out in the end!
  10. Thanks so much :smile:. I feel very happy- you know the contented glow that comes with a new bag!
  11. +1

    I had a long conversation with DH before my last purchase. In the end, he was happy to see me happy.
  12. I'm glad everything worked out in the end for you, enjoy your bag and Happy Birthday!!!:balloon:
  13. I'm so happy to hear that things worked out. Congrats and Happy birthday! Can't wait to see your reveal. :smile:
  14. Awesome! Yay for happy moment bag shopping:smile:
  15. I don't think it would go up that much. I also want a Neverfull De and I do have the money but right now I am on mat leave and not on full pay so waiting to I go back to work in 6 weeks to buy it I definitely don't want to use savings as tempting as it is. Up to you to do what is best in your circumstances I suppose. Happy birthday :biggrin: