should i buy an MJ Elise?

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  1. girls, i think i'm in love. i need a black bag, and i've been trying to convince myself that i like the botkier bianca better because it's less expensive, but what i really want is the mj elise in black quilted patent. it's beyond gorgeous. what are your opinions of the bag?

    pic for reference:

    also, does anyone know if eluxury charges sales tax? i didn't think they would since there's no store location for them in Georgia, but i assume the same thing about my order from and they charged sales tax. TIA!
  2. From what I remember--eluxury only charges sales tax for orders shipped to CA and TN. But double check--I found the info somewhere in the customer service FAQ section...

    The Elise is a great bag. I actually have one too! But I haven't used it yet. I got it in chalk and then freaked out b/c I kept hearing that light colored patents change color. I'm waiting to hear back from MJ what they're knowledge is about this information and how their leather does...

    I kept looking at it in black at my local NM and now it's GONE! :sad: I think the black is a great way to go. My only hesitation with the black was because I wear a lot of black and it just didn't look as "fresh" as the contrast with the chalk.

    I'm not familiar with that particular Botkier style... Is it a shoulder bag? If you really want a black shoulder bag, the Elise isn't it. BUT if you're just wanting a black bag--I'd pick the Elise over any Botkier that I've ever seen. The Elise is basically the LV Alma with an outer pocket. So I think it's a classic shape that you'd use for ages....

    And don't talk yourself into another bag just b/c it's cheaper. I thought I'd be happy with this white Kate Spade bag instead of the Elise. But I wasn't--I ended up returning the KS and getting the Elise. I think if you have to "talk" yourself into a bag, you're better off saving the money and waiting to find something you love that's within your budget. That's just my two cents! Sorry about the super long post!!!
  3. I have that bag in black and I love it! I'd say go for it because it's so beautiful. It's not very big though.
  4. Finally I see the fabled Elise!How gorgeous/classy is that! I love the patent. HMmm I love the Botkier, but the Elise is in an entirely different echelon. I think it just hinges on the $$$, if you're fine with that get the MJ. Wicked is right about sales tax!
  5. I went to get a mj elise yesterday and when I saw it IRL, it didn't do it for me plus the only color they had was blush. It does look like an alma, same shape but with extra buckles. have you tried one on?
  6. Love it! I think its a gorgeous bag! I say go for it if it suits your needs!
  7. I think the blush is the ickiest color for the Elise :P It looks great in black, chalk, and midnight. :P
  8. I think if you really like the Elise, there is no harm in ordering it, and if you change your mind, as annoying as it may be, you can return it. I think the Elise is in more demand than the Botkier, so if you change your mind, you should be able to get the Botkier you've been thinking about.
  9. Definitely go w/ the Elise. It's gorgeous in the shiny patent leather!
  10. I LOVE this exact bag!
  11. That is a gorgeous bag! I like the botkier, but I would definitely choose the Elise over it. I wish I could get it myself, but I just ordered a white MJ hobo bag for summer, so no more bags for me for a while!
  12. i love it! i want it too! love the quilting, its gorgeous :love:
  13. I love this bag too! I have the chalk though I haven't used it because I'm freaked out about getting it dirty. Like Wickedassin, I'm also concerned about it yellowing with age. I'm actually thinking of swapping the chalk for black so I can carry the bag worry-free. Not sure though because I really do prefer the chalk. Here's a pic of my lovely chalk Elise...

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  14. i did see the bag in black IRL at neiman marcus about a week and a half ago, and i hadn't even considered it based on the pics i had seen online, but the bag is AMAZING in person. i carried it around the handbag department for like 20 minutes, admiring myself in the mirror with it :biggrin:. i paid more attention to it than any other bag there, and they had paddies, spys, balenciagas, tons of great stuff. i couldn't take my mind off of it, i was blown away by how great the black popped against my outfit (i don't wear that much black, surprisingly, so the contrast with a colorful, casual outfit was great). mostly i hate black bags because they don't pop at all, but i need one. aaah i really want this one!

    the size doesn't bother me because all i need room for is a wallet, sunglasses, keys, and a cell phone. i change bags like three times a day, so naturally the contents have to be versatile.

    and black patent is ok for spring, right? initially that's the only thing that threw me off, i didn't know if this would be appropriate, but it's from the S/S06 collection, and i trust marc to know...

  15. ^^^right, Marc knows no doubt, love it!