Should I buy an MBMJ if I'm low maintenance when it comes to bags?

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  1. I'm not really that hard on bags, but I do tend to use them and forget about it. My most expensive bag is a kate spade, and I just carry it. I keep it in its cloth bag when I'm not using it. But I didn't protect it with leather spray, and it's only been conditioned once (by the SA at Nordstrom). I've even carried it on rainy days. It's 2 years old and looks perfect.

    I love the totally turnlock styles but after reading about color transfer issues and products causing bags to turn lighter, I'm scared to buy an MBMJ. Will I really need to treat it with kid-gloves?

    Please talk me into it b/c I really like his bags, lol!
  2. i have a faridah from mbymj and i throw it around like crazy. it still looks great :yes: some of the bags - regardless of collection or mbymj - are just more delicate due to the material or if the bag is lighter in color.
  3. Thanks, that makes me feel better. I'm considering the oak brown color, so hopefully I won't have color transfer issues.
  4. Heads up, my dark brown bag from MBMJ just got color transfer from jeans. I'm going to spray it. It's been fine in rain, though.
  5. In general, it seems like the MbMJ leathers have a greater tendency toward color transfer issues than MJ collection bags. This depends entirely on the color and the type of leather used. A lot of the pebbled leather that MbMJ uses tends to be rather porous (such as the new elephant grey, light French grey, etc.) or just plain sensitive (PTTM cement, etc.) so these particular leathers tend to have the most issues. However, some MbMJ leather is extremely durable and not prone to this at all. A lot of the older classic turnlock styles, like the Faridah, Teri, Bowler, etc. have durable leathers. I haven't heard anyone complain about the Hillier. The list goes on....
  6. the quality of the leather is great, but if you are particularly rough on your bags, i would suggest buying a darker colored one (black, dark brown, navy)
  7. I have a blue Hillier that I am pretty hard on. It's a great bag. The leather has held up well and I have not had any transfer issues. I would think if you bought a darker bag, you should be pretty safe.
  8. I would totally go for a MBMJ turnlock bag, like one of the classic styles (Faridah, Teri, or Hillier), because of the great leathers! My black Hillier is my most used (and ever-so-slightly abused) bag, and she is doing just wonderfully even though I have not treated/protected/cleaned or done anything to her at all...

    The only complaint concerning Hilliers that I can remember, is someone (Tad?) complaining about the fragility of the Grape Juice (or a really bright violet color that came out a few seasons ago).
  9. We're talking about color transfer issues. There are two MbMJ colors -- one, I believe, is violet and the other might have been called indigo -- that have peeling issues. I know jun3machina experienced this first-hand. To my knowledge, tad has never owned a Hillier.