Should I buy an LV Pegase 60 in monogram canvas?


Sep 9, 2006
Hi girls,

I thought you might be able to help me with this.

I have a Keepall 50 in monogram canvas from LV. I love and adore it and take it on every trip. Now I'm looking to get a full set of luggage for times when I take trips that are longer than just a few days.

The Pegase 60 would be all I'd need in addition to my Keepall, but do you think it looks tacky/vulgar to have a full set of LV monogram? I'm afraid it might be overkill. I don't want to be tacky :sad: I could get a full set in Epi leather instead, but then I'd have to buy two pieces. Help!



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Feb 20, 2006
Larnaca, Cyprus
i've been thinking of a Pegase as well, but i think the Damier might be more practical. you'd have to be super careful with the vachetta on the Monogram and all, and all that lugging and dragging will get it dirty


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Sep 19, 2006
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I have one and I love it! It's the older style and I have had it for years, I check it and beat it, and it still looks great. It doesn't get as much use now that I have mc luggage...but I do use it when I am going alone, because of the wheels, and the luggage clip, I can wheel it, clip the keepall and set whatever I am using as a purse on top...and go one handed anywhere!

I heard the new style doesn't have a ring for the clip...if that's true, that would be a bummer!
Oct 21, 2006
Personally, I think that a full LV luggage set looks classy! It only looks vulgar on those who are deliberately ostentatious with their wealth. It looks vulgar on vulgar people, but classy on classy people:yes: